Journal Entry: June 11, 2008

So, I did go to the gym last night.

As I said, it was the first time in a week. I’d had a pretty active day last Thursday, working on the house in Tulsa, but that was it for the week. Anyway, I’ve been tracking my weight, as I’ve made quite clear on here, and last Tuesday I was at 232. I started the year at 244, so that was a 12 pound loss on the year. Then I took a week off from going to the gym, and I had more than one high-calorie day during that week from indulging in sweets. Thursday was one of them (and I’m pretty sure I made up for it with the 9-hour workout), but it wasn’t the only 0ne.

Anyway, on Sunday I weighed at home, and was surprised (for the reasons just given) to find I’d lost a pound during the course of the week. I weight in at 231. Then, last night, I got on the scale at the gym expecting that 131 to be one of those “minor fluctuations,” but the gym scale put me at 230. So, nice. That’s the lowest I’ve been in at least three years.

Buoyed a bit by that, I did my strength training and then, once again without K– for support, I got on the treadmill to try my third day of week 4 for the third time. I finished it this time, and the week off probably helped more than it hurt, because I’d been having persistent pain in my calves for the last week that I’d spent running, and it wasn’t really there last night.

So, yeah, that’s a lot of detail you’re probably not interested in, but I went to the gym last night and I finally finished a jogging segment that had been giving me difficulty for a while. That’s encouraging. I’ll start on week 5 tomorrow night if I’m not in Norman (and Saturday if I am).

After the gym, D– picked up a mega-burger for the three of us for dinner, and we watched and eveningful of Lost while I played AoC and D– messed around with Linux on his laptop. It was a fun night.