Journal Entry: June 18, 2008

I stayed home again last night, feeling much as I had the night before. I spent some time considering and evaluation my symptoms, and I diagnosed myself with a condition doctors refer to as a “brain cloud.”

Of course, you have to get a second opinion for something as silly-sounding as “brain cloud,” so I did. T– is confident what I actually have is “the mean reds.”

Whatever it is, it’s rough. Keep me in your prayers.

We had sandwiches for dinner, and watched a lot of Lost. I didn’t mention, but Monday night we watched the first two episodes of Boston Legal. T–‘s parents are big fans of the show, and the episode or two that we watched with them were surprisingly clever, so T– asked me to track down the rest.

So far I’ve only gotten the two. They were good, and we spent last night watching Lost and wishing there were Boston Legal to watch instead.

We’re nearly done with the most recent season of Lost, too. Last night we watched “The Tempest.” I tried to play AoC while we watched, but my laptop was giving me trouble with the updater. I just copied the full contents of my PC’s installation over the one on the laptop, but that took four or five hours, so I never got a chance to take advantage of it.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.