Journal Entry: June 3, 2008

After work yesterday I stopped by the mall to pick up a new batch of protein shake mix, because that’s one of the things I’ve been doing for the last four months in my never-ending quest for fitness (ahem). Anyway. K– donated some old protein shake mix back when I first started (Champion brand, Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavor), and since then I’ve tried several brands and Champion is the only one I like.

I’ve also tried several other flavors, but never by choice. Everywhere I’ve gone to buy so far has had a severely limited selection. I checked the Champion site online, and they sell the mix for $10 more than I can get it in stores, even before shipping, so that wasn’t a great idea.

Anyway, I was at the mall a couple weeks ago getting new running shoes, and while I was there I spotted a store that sold Champion Whey and happened to have a selection of flavors. The last jug I’d gotten was Chocolate (like I said, the only flavor in the store), and not as good as the stuff K– had given me.

This place in the mall had both of those, plus Vanilla, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, and Banana. I almost got Cookies ‘n’ Cream again, because I’d liked it so much, but I figured I should try something new. Strawberry sounded pretty good, but K– had said that his favorite (and he’d tried them all) was Banana. Even though I’m not a fan of RL bananas, I decided to give it a go.

With some amount of trepidation, I tried my first new shake this morning. You know what it tastes like? Moon Pies. That is damn fine! Damn fine indeed.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Oh, wait, no. I did do more than buy shake mix last night. After I dropped it off at home, T– and I went up to the gym, although neither of us was terribly enthusiastic. I weighed in at 232 (which is the lowest I’ve done so far, and a 12 pound loss on the year), then did all my weight training, and then tried to do my third day of week 4, but it just wasn’t in me. I didn’t have K– there to shame me into finishing, either, so I gave up halfway through, walked an extra five minutes just to get in some cardio for the day, and then told T– I was ready to go home.

We picked up pizza for dinner (Mazzios’ Monday night special), and met D– at the house for dinner. Then we rewatched last Thursday’s Lost finale at T–‘s suggestion. That took up pretty much the whole night.

Oh! I also ran by Wal-Mart during the day to get a new battery for my watch, which I’ve gone without for over a year just because I didn’t take the time to go get a new battery. Lazy. Anyway, got the new one yesterday and I’m loving having a watch again. I also picked up a new battery for our bathroom scale while I was there, and I tested it yesterday and got the same weight on it as the one at the gym. So…that’s a thing.

After Lost, though, D– went home to pack for his business trip, and I went to bed. It was a short evening.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff (for real this time).