Journal Entry: May 28, 2008

I had an incredibly productive day at work yesterday. I got a ton accomplished, and in between projects I spent some time working on our finances for the next four or five months, and found out that our prospects look a lot better than I had feared. Even with the double mortgage, we’re going to be able to get by (barring any disasters, of course).

That’s good news. It relieves a great burden of stress on me, which is an answered prayer in itself.

After I got home I called Dad and talked with him for half an hour or so, then T– and I headed to the gym. We met K– and N– there, and after we did our strength training, K– offered to run with me again. I did the first day of week 4 on my program (after so successfully finishing week 3 on Sunday).

Holy damn! What a monstrous leap in difficulty. In week 3, I basically did 18 minutes of running and jogging — half and half, taking four walking breaks along the way to help me catch my breath.

In week 4, I do 16 minutes of jogging, plus another 5 1/2 minutes of walking at much rarer intervals. The last 5-minute stretch of jogging nearly killed me.

I managed though (with much encouragement from K– and T–), and when I have to try to do the same thing again tomorrow night, I’ll be able to approach it with the full knowledge that, yeah, I can do this. I’ve already done it once.

And, from what I’ve seen, what’s impossible on day 1 is not really all that hard on day 3. It’s been consistent that way throughout the program so far.

After we got home, T– made quesadillas for dinner, and we watched some According to Jim for the first time in a while, and I spent most of that time playing with AB. Then she went to bed and we watched some Lost, and then it was 10:00 far too soon, and with that bedtime.

I didn’t actually play any AoC last night. Instead, I spent time with my family. I’m just saying, is all. Of course, tonight I’m playing AoC pretty much all night. But that’s beside the point.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.