Journal Entry: May 29, 2008

Yesterday was Wednesday, right?

Ah, yes. Sorry, it’s been a long day at work. Anyway, last night I invited our regular Wednesday dinner guests to pick up something of their choice, and bring it to our place (rather than meeting somewhere). Seemed like a pleasant change of pace.

K– and N– couldn’t make it, but my sister and her family came, so we still had a crowd. D– came, too. T– took AB to church at 7:00, but Jeff and D– stuck around so we could play a little AoC and introduce Jeff to it. Meanwhile, my sister ran some errands.

Anyway, after that first hour that I spent picking up drinks for everyone and grabbing our dinner from Taco Bell, I spent the rest of the evening playing AoC. I did come out of the office around 9:00 and watched the end of an episode of Boston Legal with T–, and then (even though it was bed time) we watched a Lost before we knocked off for the night. In the meantime, I got my character up to level 30.

That was my night, then today has been another busy and productive one at work. I took a long lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings again, played some AoC over lunch, but apart from that my whole day has been spent crawling through old Safety Risk Management documents and trying to match up project numbers and NCP codes from dozens of different projects, to see what we have and what we haven’t yet paneled, and make plans based on that.

In the end, we’re doing better on all of it than any of us suspected, and I have a shiny new spreadsheet to prove it. Good for me. Now I’m going to go run for half an hour, and spend the rest of the night complaining.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

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  1. You didn’t end up complaining that much. 🙂 BTW, were you indeed cursing my name today, re abs?

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