Journal Entry: October 2, 2008

Yesterday was the last day of our Intro class, so we got out a little early. I went back to the hotel, spent 40 minutes in the gym (where I worked biceps and added a minute to my running time), and then stayed in my hotel room for the whole night. I had leftover pizza for dinner (still not stunning, but already paid for), watched some King of the Hill and A Knight’s Tale (twice in a row, because that’s how TNT rolls), and tried to play some single player Civ.

It was supposed to be multiplayer, but D– recently rebuilt his computer and forgot to reinstall, so it was just me. Not so much fun (and, by extension, it only killed an hour), so I switched back to Spore and, as I said, sat through two airings of the same movie.

I brought a lot of work to do while I’m here — some business, some personal — and I’m doing the business part as soon as I get done with class every day, incorporating what I learned into the project I’m doing on deadline. As soon as I finish that, though, I veg for the rest of the night. I have no motivation at all to do anything useful with my evenings (apart from the gym, and that’s a horrific battle in my mind every time I make myself go). It’s a shame, because I have more time available to be productive than I could normally find in a month, but I’m just not doing anything.

And that’s that. I did talk with T– and D– last night, and on Tuesday I talked with B– for ten minutes or so, too. Anyway, it’s weird living alone out of a hotel room for a week at a time. I’ve tried my hardest to arrange a Friday flight out (and tried to get to Wichita, to save me a drive), but it’s just not an option. Bah.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.