Journal Entry: October 27, 2008

Thursday night, T– invited D– and K– over for chilidogs for dinner, then we spent the evening playing Rock Band. Toby came over, and we introduced him to the game, then he showed me the game database module he’d developed (at my request) so that the games we work on in the future will have easy save and load support, and relatively easy multiplayer capability. Awesome!

He didn’t leave until after eleven. It was a fun evening.

Friday I got off work an hour early, and got home to find Julie and Carlos there! We spent a couple hours talking about their honeymoon trip, then went out to Poblano’s for dinner, then came back and watched SNL for a bit. Then, by request, we loaded up Rock Band which they had never played before. Carlos is a real musician, and both of them have been fascinated by everything they’ve heard about the game, but this was their first chance to check it out.

They loved it. They were excited about the song selection (usually about songs I’d never heard of before I played the game), and they did amazing. Mostly Julie sang, and Carlos was rocking on drums and guitar in no time. I think he did one song on Easy on the guitar, then switched straight to Hard and finished above 90% pretty much every track. He had a little more difficulty with the drums, but mainly because he was wanting to improv.

It was fun to watch them play. They left around 10:30 and I thought about playing some WoW, but decided I didn’t want to be up that late, so I just went to bed.

Saturday morning T– and I took AB to the Village Fun Fair at the park just across Hefner. My little sister brought her girls, too. There were giant inflateable rides — mainly bouncey castles and slides — and a petting zoo that was apparently pretty awesome. I slipped away while AB was still in the bouncey castle so I could pick up D– and be at K– and N–‘s in time to watch the OU game.

We didn’t even finish the game before I had to head home to watch AB so T– could go to her crpo at the church. K– and D– came over to hang out for the evening. Mostly K– played Rock Band and D– played WoW while I tried to keep AB from bothering them. We read her books, played with the Legos, and discovered that she knows how to sneak into my office and close the door behind her, so no one knows where she is.

Once we tracked her down, I left the guys in charge of her and ran up to Falcone’s for a pizza. We had two huge slices each, and AB finished off most of one. She loved it. After dinner, N– came back from the crop to pick up K–, and while she was there AB was showing off for her, running short sprints and spinning as fast as she could.

K– and N– left right around AB’s bedtime, so I changed her into her pajamas, put her in bed, and headed back out to the living room to watch a movie D– had brought over. About ten miutes later, AB started screaming. Usually that means she’s thrown her pacifier away and wants it back, so I didn’t think much of it when I went to her room to check on her.

I found her standing up at the foot of her bed. I said, “And what’s wrong with you?” I was already scanning the floor for her pacifier.

She pointed emphatically and said, “That!” And there was her pacifier, right in the middle of her bed, buried under a humongous pile of puke.


So I got her clothes off and bathed her while D– heroically cleaned up her room. It took a little over an hour, but by the time I had her out of bed, AB was obviously feeling better. I put her in the tub and she immediately started playing with her toys, happy as could be. D– and I took a little longer to get over the trauma of it.

Anyway, we got her to bed a little bit before 10:00, then D– and I finished the movie before T– got home. Played some WoW, went to bed.

Sunday morning was church, then we invited D– and K– and N– to pick up lunches (D– chose Wendy’s and the rest of us McDonalds) and come watch the Cowboys game at our place. It was nothing like a trouncing, but the Cowboys eked out a win and there may be some hope for their season, still. Right now they’re battling for a wild card, though, which no one would have guessed at the start of the season.

After the Cowboys game we watched some SNL, then T– took AB to a Trunk or Treat at a church up in Edmond, and D– and I played WoW. It was a fairly quiet Sunday, to end a pretty busy weekend.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

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  1. I love it when you say nice things about us in your blog! We really had a blast with you guys! Thanks for letting us pick your brain for a while, too!

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