Journal Entry: October 7, 2008

Yesterday was wildly productive. I woke up early and painted (as I think I already mentioned), then went out to lunch with T– and AB, and then when AB went down for a nap, instead of breaking out the game I went back to the office with T– and started clearing books off shelves.

We’re rearranging. Yesterday we moved two bookshelves into the bedroom, and threw away another one that had long been falling apart. Because of that, we also had to consolidate two bookshelves down into one, so the five remaining are all a lot more densely packed than they were before. The new setup leaves all the fiction in my office, basically, and everything else in our bedroom.

It also opened up room for T– to move her crafting table back there, and for me to set up the Rock Band drums and hook them up to my computer with a drum kit program, so I can practice the drumming exercises in my book with realistic sound effects. Pretty cool.

Anyway, rearranging furniture took up most of the day. In the evening T– picked up a pizza from Mazzio’s and D– came over to watch Heroes and How I Met Your Mother with us. Afterward he took the game home with him, because he’s got plans with other friends tomorrow night. That’s okay, I’ll need another evening to finish setting up my office.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.