Journal Entry: October 9, 2008

Yesterday was Wednesday, so we met up with K– and N– and D– for dinner, this time at Souper Salad!. I brought a burger from Freddy’s.

It was a fun dinner, though, and afterward D– and I went back to the house to play Rock Band while the rest went to church. They all came over afterward, too, and I showed off my changes to the office, then K– joined us in some rocking. D– went home around 9:30 and the other two went home around 10:00, I think, and then T– wanted to watch something on TV so I put away the instruments.

Then I set to work ripping some old songs Brad and I had made off of an ancient cassette tape. The quality is terrible, but it’s enough for D– and me to remember how they went, because we sat through hours of playing and perfecting them.

I ripped the whole tape into a single WAV file, and now I’ve got the task of breaking it up into songs and doing what I can (with some relatively low-end software, and no technical expertise at all) to clean them up. The originals were never that strong, in terms of mixing, and the decade since has not been kind to my magnetic media.

Still, I spent some of this morning listening to the tracks I got, and the nostalgia aspect is near overwhelming. Those were some good times.

I also got to have lunch with K– and N– today. They met me at Buffalo Wild Wings for my regular Thursday lunch. It was awesome.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.