Journal Entry: September 18, 2008

Wasn’t I just sick? That’s totally unfair!

Well, okay, no. I scrolled back through my Blog posts, and it was at the beginning of August. Still, it sucks. We went to dinner with D– and K– and N–, it being Wednesday, then D– came over with Rock Band 2 and we made new characters and learned that, even without a bass drum, I can get through most of the starting songs with 3 or 4 stars just from hitting the pads. There’s a few that just can’t be beat, though.

Then D– went home, and I mentioned to T– that I might be a little feverish, but I wasn’t too sure. Took about 20 minutes before I realized that, yes, I was definitely sick. Then I had the long, terrible night.

Back in August I had this to say:
“I couldn’t sleep, though. I didn’t sleep. My fever raged all night. I was burning up — I felt like I was on fire — and that was just constant…. But, on top of that, I would go through cold spells where I shivered as though I were having seizures, and that was even worse. So, during the night, I went through cycles. I would feel so hot that I threw off the covers and the blankets, and it would take 10 minutes or so until I started shivering. Then I’d pile the blankets back on and spend 10 minutes or so regaining my core temperature, until the shivering stopped. At that point I had about 10 minutes of rest before I got so hot I had to throw the blankets off again.

“I got up every two hours, through the night. Each time, I took whatever medication I could (as doses were constantly expiring). Finally, after I got up at 5:10, my fever must have broken because I went back to bed, piled on the covers, and before I stopped shivering I fell asleep and didn’t get up until 1:00.”

So it was pretty much that last night, although the shivers weren’t quite as bad, and unlike last time, I wasn’t feeling queasy. That’s a big improvement right there, but still, I’m getting sick, and I don’t like it. Also, unlike last time, I went ahead and got up at 7:00 and came to work, instead of sleeping until 1:00. I can’t say with any confidence that I made the right choice.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.