Journal Entry: September 23, 2008

Yesterday after work, before I got settled in (which meant crashing on the couch and not moving), I decided with determination that I should get the tape down off the front of the house, so I could see how it really looked.

And the answer: pretty okay. Also, since the tape mostly held when I peeled it back, I only had to climb the ladder five or six times, instead of the eighteen I was expecting. So that’s positive! I’ll definitely need to get back up there with some white paint sometime this week for touch up, though. Ugh.

Oh! I also learned at work yesterday that I need to get some training in Adobe FrameMaker before the end of November, and that the only course (of those available to me) that really offers everything I need, in that time frame, is next week from Monday to Friday, in Chicago.


So I get to try to coordinate that, when our normal turnaround time for a travel and procurement request is about a week and a half. It’s a big hassle at work, and then I’m going to have to spend a week on the road.

Still, I should get some writing done. So that’s a good thing.

After I took the paint down last night, I crashed on the couch and did not move. My drum pedal came in, but I was way too sore to play. D– came over, and T– grilled some hotdogs and hamburgers (which were delicious) and then we watched the two hour premier of Heroes (which was pretty okay), and then I went to bed.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.