Journal Entry: September 25, 2008

At this certain time in the future, I will go to such and such a place and do this or that….

Sorry, I’ve been working with my budget lately, and it always gets me thinking about that.

Umm…last night, we had K– and N– and D– over for dinner, which consisted of three giant Jersey Mike’s sandwiches, split five ways. It worked out pretty well. I had the Italian for the first time, and it was delicious.

Afterward, D– and I stayed home to rebuild my computer while the rest of them went to church. Actually, D– worked on my computer and I worked on submission packages for all three of my books. I came up with these:

  • Taming Fire, a fantasy adventure, tells the story of a penniless shepherd who becomes a master swordsman, a wizard, and a dragonrider on his way to defending civilization from the dragonswarm.
  • King Jason’s War, a fantasy novel, tells the story of a young, idealistic king forced to choose between his principles and his position when a greedy Council of Lords insists on going to war for profit.
  • Golden Age, a mainstream thriller, tells the story of five college friends who survive the collapse of American civilization and become legendary heroes in the aftermath.

Anyway. D– took my computer apart and put it back together, and for the first time in three or four weeks, I have a PC running in my office (and access to all the stuff on my file server). That will be nice. It took all night to get it up and running and work out all the driver issues, though. I didn’t get to bed until right at midnight.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.