Journal Entry: September 3, 2008

I had been planning to write up a post about how I first got started writing for today’s journal entry, just to preserve it for posterity (by which I mean my own, given my flaky memory), but I don’t feel up to it. Remind me to get to that sometime, though.

T– and I are sick. I would not be at all surprised if AB is too, because she’s been wicked cranky for three or four days now. We had just put that down to the 18 hours in the car, though.

Anyway, it’s mostly just stuffy nose and scratchy throat, but it’s enough to wear a person down. Sometimes I feel feverish, but that could just be the hypochondria talking. It has never been bad enough for me to check a thermometer on it.

Lame, though. I was just sick! Ugh. Anyway, T– and I are both on zinc, and with any luck it will pass quickly.

Last night on the drive home T– asked me to pick up some stuff for dinner, so I ran to Crest and got some soda, potato soup (and some new potatoes because the potato soup is always too thin), and some bananas for AB. D– called after work and asked if I wanted him to bring over a snowcone or grab something for us for dinner, but I missed the call. Alas.

Soup was good, though, and afterward we went ahead and bought a bunch of the songs we’d picked for Rock Band (and by “we” I mean D–), and then a little bit before AB’s bedtime (which was probably a mistake) we broke out the instruments and started rocking. I’m definitely seeing major progress, but I have a hell of a time with off-beat bass drum. One of the songs we were doing last night had tons. That, and bass drum/snare, snare, bass drum, rest, all at a rapid tempo. Every time I try I just make a big noisy mess. T– and D– managed to save my performance most of the time, though, and I’d get into the chorus and then I’d be back up to a full Crowd Meter.

I bet nobody will understand all of that last paragraph, but that’s okay. The short of it is: drumming is hard. For me, anyway.

I got to talk with B– last night, and that was fun, and then (as I said) we rocked out starting around 8:00 and, in spite of our best intentions, we didn’t get done until 11:30. Fun, though. Quite fun.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

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