Journal Entry: The Rest of September

I hate getting this far behind, because it means most days I don’t have time to write a catch-up post, but then that just means the next day I have even more stuff that needs to be caught up on.

Basically, I’ve got to cover the XBox party at church, and then last Saturday’s wedding in Wichita, but me being me, I’ll make twenty-five pages out of it. If you don’t want to read all that, then let me sum up: On Saturday the 6th, I went to an XBox party at church and played Halo and Rock Band with D–, K–, Jeff, and a bunch of church people. On Friday the 12th, K– and N– and D– came over to play Rock Band, and we broke the bass drum pedal, so I’m not drumming anymore. On Saturday the 13th, I drove up to Wichita and spent the evening at T–‘s oldest brother’s wedding, and then came home last night in time to have dinner with K– and N– and D– and watch Tron, bringing us within a Ladyhawke of finishing round two of our 80’s movies thing.

And…y’know what? Screw it. There’s my update. T–‘s dad came into town to watch AB on Thursday, and we learned that the Goldie’s in Edmond is just an empty lot now, and that’s really it. I actually would have made 25 pages out of it, but that’s everything that happened.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.