The Magic Architect

Okay, I keep reminding myself that the whole point of my blog migration was for my own personal archives, and that it’s not an excuse to make you guys reread all my old posts, because how boring would that be?

But, for anyone who wasn’t reading my blog back in 2006, I do recommend that you read my short parable “The Magic Architect.” I’m not saying it’s the best thing you’ll ever read, but it did get a pretty strong reaction from those who were reading at the time.

As I go through all the posts, cleaning them up, I’m rereading them all. It amazed me how much I still seriously believe the things I wrote back then, even though some of it already struck me as college-age idealism at the time.

It also continues to astonish me how substantial my blog was, back before I turned it into a diary. That makes me a little sad. But, then, it also makes me glad to have these old writings saved somewhere — that, at least for a time, I was writing these sorts of things. So at least there’s that.