Journal Entry: April 21, 2009

Yesterday’s post I forgot to include an update on my writing, but I did a lot of writing on Friday, none of Saturday, and then some more on Sunday to get me up through the end of chapter 10 (at 40,000 words), and started into 11.

Yesterday I did another 1500 words over lunch, which should make it a simple matter to finish up chapter 11 today. I’m hoping to get a good start on 12, too, which puts the story just shy of the epiphany that leads to the climactic standoff. I’m looking forward to writing that part.

My twenty-one days complete, I had thought about skipping yesterday’s workout to rest my knees (which are both hurting a bit), but when I got home from work I decided to do it anyway. I kept it at low resistance and went a little slower than usual, but I put in my full forty minutes (and got all caught up on Dollhouse).

While I was doing that, T– ran up to Mazzio’s to pick up some pizza for us and D–. Afterward we watched a couple episodes of Heroes to get caught up, as well as Chuck (which acts like it’s heading a series finale instead of just a season), and Rules of Engagement. When that was all done, I didn’t feel up to writing anymore, so I went to bed early.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.