Journal Entry: April 27, 2009

Last Thursday I got chapter thirteen finished over lunch, then went home and typed it up. I skipped my workout (haven’t done anything since last Tuesday) because I’m having trouble with my knee. I took those four days off to rest it, and I’m going to start back with leisurely walks for a week before I get back to my high-intensity workout. Hopefully that’ll be enough.

Anyway, I came back out of the office around six and T– ran up to McDonalds to grab us some dinner. We spent the evening watching TV, and went to bed relatively early. Nothing really noteworthy.

Friday was my RDO, but I woke up early anyway. I’ve been working on that, trying to establish a real six o’clock habit. This time my goal was to get up before the rest of the family, lock myself in the office, and finish up my novel before I came out.

Unfortunately AB heard me getting ready, so I ended up on babysitting duty before I ever made it to the office. We played a little bit, and then I took her to the living room and started an episode of Word World for her. She sat on the couch next to me, in rapt attention, and I did half of chapter fourteen in my scribblebook.

T– got up a bit before nine and we all had some breakfast, then she started getting AB ready for a trip to Guthrie and I finally headed to the office. At that point I was able to type up what I had and finish off chapter fourteen in about an hour and a half. It’s the climax of the book, which is always the easiest chapter to write. After that comes the denouement, which is almost always the hardest, because by that point, as a writer, you’ve really already moved on.

Anyway, I finished my writing for the morning, emailed K– to ask if he wanted to meet for lunch, and then I changed into some work clothes and went out to do some work in the yard. I put down some Turf Builder (weed killer plus grass seed) front and back, and then mowed the back yard before I heard back from K– saying he was available but we’d have to make it quick.

So I ran up to Jersey Mike’s and had a turkey club, spent some time chatting with K– about Demigod, mostly, and then ran back home and mowed the front yard. Then I grabbed a shower, and by the time I was done T– was back from Guthrie with AB.

I went ahead and played Demigod for a couple hours while AB slept, then came out spent some time with the family. At 6:00 T– headed up to church for a Game Night with our small group, but I wasn’t up to that. I watched AB instead. I’d planned to go to IHOP for dinner, but at the last minute I decided to just stay home. We had chili and crackers and watched VeggieTales, which AB really seemed to enjoy.

Saturday morning I woke up early again and watched AB again, this time while T– went shopping garage sales with my little sister. She got home around 9:30 bearing breakfast, and after we’d eaten she took AB out to play in the back yard, so I went back to my office for some more Demigod. Around noon we headed to Taco Bell for lunch, then went to Homeland for some grocery shopping, then went home and put AB down for a nap.

While she was sleeping, T– and I curled up on the couch and watched Twilight, which was precisely what I expected it to be.

Then I divided much of the rest of the afternoon between playing Demigod and coordinating plans for the evening by phone. Then around 5:30 D– showed up and entertained AB for a bit before we headed over to my sister’s place for Poker Night.

At which point we had Poker Night. I didn’t get home until nearly 2:00 in the morning, and I promptly crashed.

Sunday morning I got up late and joined T– at church about five minutes into the service. I got a couple pages written on chapter fifteen, and then we went to Carl’s Jr. with K– and N– for lunch. That was fun, but AB is a real handful when we go out to eat. Still, we don’t get to see enough of those guys these days, so it was well worth it.

Afterward AB went down for a nap and T– went to the mall to do some shopping with N–. I played my game some, then emerged again when AB woke up and we played some games until T– got home.

D– came over around 5:30 and we drove up to Freddy’s to grab some dinner for us all, then brought it back to the house to eat. After that we watched some TV while I played my game and D– read some novel, and then somehow the day was done.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.