Journal Entry: August 6, 2009

In both of my last two blog posts I commented on being mysteriously ill, without once considering that the symptoms matched up to precisely the things I was talking about in my Social Anxiety post on Monday. It took T– to spot it. When I was complaining yesterday at lunch, she asked if I thought it had anything to do with the trip to Wichita this weekend. And I, of course, immediately felt dumb for not recognizing it.

Knowing what’s wrong doesn’t actually make me feel any better, but at least I can stop worrying that I’ve got the SARS.

Yesterday was a busy day. I met T– and AB for lunch at Mazzio’s, then after work I played Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh with AB and watched some PBS programming with her, and then my little sister showed up with her SUV so we could install AB’s car seat in it.

Then we all went up to Subway for dinner, where we were met by D– and K– and N–. T– and I both had the Philly Cheesesteak (which they now offer without peppers and onions, yee). It was delicious. Then I said goodbye to T– and AB, they climbed in my sister’s car, and five girls headed to Wichita to get an early start on things.

I took my brother-in-law home, and then went back to the house where D– was waiting for me. We talked about our old fantasy project, resurrecting it from oblivion in a couple hours’ discussion, and then we watched Iron Man, because that’s a thing that must be done from time to time.

Then D– went home, and I went to bed to not sleep.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

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