Journal Entry: February 12, 2009

I mentioned feeling under-the-weather Monday morning, and that has kicked in with a vengeance. Starting yesterday morning (and then worse today), I’ve got a throatache, a headache, and a bit of an upset stomach. It feels like strep, but every time I say it feels like strep I end up with a sinus infection, so it’s probably a sinus infection.

Either way, bah.

After work yesterday T– and AB went to a dinner at the church, but I wasn’t feeling up to the socializing, so I stayed home. D– came over a little after 6 and we ran to Freddy’s for a burger, then Best Buy to see if they had some software he’s been wanting (they did).

Then we came back home, and I showed him a couple of the funnier episodes of “Flight of the Conchords” before T– got home. Once she did, we turned on “Lost,” and when D– left after that, we watched an episode of “Law and Order” before retiring early. I was in bed until nearly 7 this morning, but I didn’t really get much sleep (and, as I said, woke up feeling awful).

Bah. Bah and bah.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.