Journal Entry: February 25, 2009

Last Friday I got home almost an hour late from work, and that threw off our whole evening. We ended up having cheese dip for dinner after eight, and watched a little bit of TV before Mom and Dad got in, about half past ten..

We chatted for about an hour, but nobody was interested in staying up to watch Iron Man, so we all went to bed around eleven.

Saturday morning T– and Mom went to meet my little sister at some salon, leaving Dad and me to watch AB for a couple hours. While they were out, T– finally got in touch with the McDonalds where we were having AB’s birthday party, and learned that someone else already had it reserved. So three hours before the party was supposed to start, with guests coming in from multiple states, T– frantically put together a birthday party at a Chick Fil-A across town, and we got managed to get everyone there.

“Everyone” is too long a list to spell out in detail, but in addition to B– and E– we had four of Mom’s family from Dallas (three adults and a child), and my little sister’s family. Everybody came back to the house afterward for cake and presents, and then all the family stuck around through the afternoon. It was six before the Dallas group headed home, and our house finally got a little quieter. I think AB had a great time, though.

After that, we were too exhausted to do anything but order pizza and watch TV. It was a fun evening nonetheless.

Sunday morning we went to church with Mom and Dad, and my little sister brought her family to join us. After that we all went to lunch at McDonald’s, because Dad had been promising his granddaughters for the last two trips to take them, and he insisted on keeping his word.

Mom and Dad left after lunch. D– got back in from Tulsa (where he’d been all weekend), but he didn’t end up coming by. It was another quiet night.

Monday, during the day, D– contacted me and offered to bring us some dinner. We settled on a Big Ed’s burger, which T– has been trying to get for nearly two months now without success. Monday night it worked out, D– showing up with it around six in the evening. After dinner we watched the new shows (Chuck and Heroes), and then I got D– almost caught up on Flight of the Conchords.

Tuesday I started some terrible, awful, miserable training at work, and I’ll be doing that until sometime tomorrow. Ugh.

It was bad enough that I got home from work last night, again around sixish, and crashed on the couch. I expect I’ll do the same again tonight. We had quesadillas for dinner and watched Biggest Loser until Obama started talking. Then T– went to bed to read, and I balanced our checkbook.

Also, through all of that, I was working on my rewrite of Gods Tomorrow. I mentioned it in my last journal entry (and still haven’t done the project report on it), but I have had a major rewrite of my NaNoWriMo novel pending ever since I finished it last November. I was rather dreading it, because it involved making some pretty huge changes to the narrative flow, but I think it worked out well. T– is going to reread it for me soon, and I look forward to her feedback because she’s had such glowing praise for the book up to now. If I broke, she’ll definitely let me know.

Anyway, that’s done. I’m hoping to make some progress on the sequels this weekend, but I don’t have anything specific in mind.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.