Journal Entry: February 4, 2009

Last night after work we stopped by Best Buy to pick up my new laptop, and then headed north of Edmond for dinner plans at our preacher’s house.

T– has been working with the preacher’s wife, Terry McElroy, at Oklahoma Christian Academy, the private school associated with Oklahoma Christian University. She’s gone in as a volunteer to teach a handful of art history classes to Terry’s class. Last time they were talking, Terry invited us over for dinner.

So we made the drive out there last night, and when we showed up Rob had some delicious Parmesan chicken ready for us. We ate and talked, then moved to the living room and talked, and then had some homemade ice cream and cookies while we talked. And then it was 9:00, and T– and I were tired of wrestling with AB (in a house full of breakables), so we headed home.

And I had offered to paint the new cabinets when we got home, expecting that to happen an hour earlier than it did, but I still felt obligated so I got out the paint and tape and rollers and got to work. Three hours and four coats later, it was done. The island looks great now, missing only the doors on the cabinets, and T– plans to get the woodwork around the new window painted during the day today.

It’s kind of amazing how fast it has all come together.

Anyway, I finished up around 12:30, left a voicemail for my boss telling him I’d be a little late showing up this morning, and then headed to bed. I was true to my word, getting in right at 10.

Still, it was a good night’s work.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.