Journal Entry: February 6, 2009

Yesterday after work I figured out how to install the cabinet doors on our new island. It’s the most bizarre and, at the same time, coolest latching mechanism for a cabinet door hinge I’ve ever seen. (And, yes, you would be right to assume that’s a fairly small set).

The kitchen looks finished now. There’s still some stuff we plan to do, but it no longer looks like a construction site. That’s easier on the psyche, because I don’t walk in the door and think of all the stuff that still needs to get done anymore. Maybe T– does, since the kitchen is a bigger part of her daily life, but for me it was just about getting the ugly hidden under a sheet of plywood and a couple coats of paint.

I made up some salsa (by which I mean poured a jar of Pace picante sauce into a blender and pressed the “Mix” button for about twenty seconds), and T– made quesadillas for dinner. D– came over, too. We watched Lost, and then D– went home to raid and T– and I watched 30 Rock, The Office, and My Name is Earl.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.