Journal Entry: January 20, 2008

Back from a long weekend and, as always, hating to be at work.

Not that there’s anything to complain about with regard to my job. I just hate having to work. Call it a character flaw.

Friday was my Regular Day Off, so I stayed up late Thursday night playing WoW, slept in on Thursday, then went to IHOP for brunch with T–. After that we ran by Petsmart to pick up a new litter box for the cats, and spent some significant amount of time there just letting AB marvel at all the captive animals. She went wild.

Then in the evening we went to County Line Barbecue with D– for dinner, grabbed some flavored Rum on the way home, and played a little Rock Band before we turned on Tropic Thunder. T– didn’t exactly hate it, but it wasn’t enough to keep her up past 11:00, either. I made it to the end, and then some. I was up until 2-ish playing WoW.

Saturday morning T– went to a baby shower for N– at church (which is well-documented and beautifully-illustrated on N–‘s blog), and left me home alone. I did a little project for her (took down a pantry door and painted over the exposed wood from the hinges), and of course played some WoW. We had a pretty quiet afternoon, and then around 5:30 T– headed to her friend Rebecca’s to do some scrapbooking in the evening. I kept AB.

D– came over to help out, and brought the same pizza that had resulted in catastrophic emissions from AB the last time we’d tried the same setup, so I ran to McDonalds to get her a Happy Meal. I expected her to object, since we were eating the pizza right in front of her, but she just loves Happy Meals too much to have mustered any real resentment.

We tried to Cars and Lion King, and finally settled on hooking up the drums for Rock Band and AB pounded away until I put her to bed. After that, it was a fairly quiet night. Instead of jumping into WoW once AB was dealt with, I figured out how to recover the music from T–‘s iPod and spent the rest of the night trying to get it relabeled. Without even realizing it, I stayed up until 2:00 again working on that.

So Sunday morning I slept through church. T– and I took AB to Mazzio’s for lunch, and she got her pizza after all. She also counted up to six, with a little coaching. She can do her ABCs up to “G,” too, if she doesn’t know we’re listening. She keeps going after that, but it’s mostly gibberish.

Then Sunday night I intended to go to small groups, but I spent the afternoon feeling incredibly sick. I laid down to take a nap around 3:30, hoping I’d feel better after an hour, but T– woke me up to tell me she was leaving and talked me into staying in bed.

I got up about an hour later feeling better, and spent the rest of the evening on the computer, working on various projects.

Then yesterday I had off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We ran by N–‘s in the morning to check out her newly-appointed nursery and make a mess of her coffee table trinkets, then grabbed some barbecue from Steve’s Rib and took it home for lunch. Not a lot of variety in our meals this weekend, but a lot of deliciousness!

When AB went down for a nap, I got out some more paint and put a new coat on the fireplace mantel, which was showing some nasty signs of wear and tear. Luckily AB took a long nap, so all the paint was dry by the time she got up.

Then in the evening T– made some steaks for dinner, and we watched a couple new shows plus the first few episodes of season one of Psych. It was fun, and I got to sleep early enough that I was on time for work this morning, quite in spite of the holiday.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

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  1. isn’t rockband the greatest?? i rule at the drums; i can play most songs on hard and more than a few on expert. although, visions ALWAYS shuts me down. my friends and i are trying to conquer the endless set list, but we kept failing out the third to last song, so we quit to retry another day.

    have you ever played little big planet? i haven’t played much of it, but it’s just so darn CUTE!

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