Journal Entry: January 7, 2009

Monday’s writing project never saw another word, after that blog post. I haven’t given up on it yet, but I don’t see myself making much progress at all before Friday, which means I’ll have a hell of a lot of catching up to do.

On a positive note, I did go to the gym after work on Monday. T– talked me into it, and we spent a little over an hour there. AB is finally able to recognize the gym and knows what to expect when we get there (which is to say, other kids and lots of toys). Monday night she didn’t want to leave when we were done.

On the way home, we stopped by my little sister’s place to pick up T–‘s new party game and my leftover Dan Dan Noodles (it’s a weird story how they got to be there), and learned that the Dan Dan Noodles were no longer there. I bore no ill will toward whichever Iverson ate them, because who could possibly resist that siren call for four days? But I did find myself mourning the loss. So instead of going home, we placed a To Go order at P F Chang’s, and picked up six meals’ worth of food for the two of us. I ate two of them Monday night, and set the other two aside for lunches this week.

It was, needless to say, a silly and expensive decision, but one I made with gusto.

After dinner, T– and I got all caught up on Leverage. The first seven episodes are all as good as the pilot, so if you decide to try it out and you like the pilot, you’ll like the rest. If you hate it, you can save yourself some time and skip the rest. We liked it.

Yesterday was a busy one at work, and afterward I got a haircut before I went home. When I finally got home, T– and D– were waiting on me to have dinner. T– tried out a new cube steak recipe she found, and she’s excited about trying a couple more new recipes soon. That’s a hobby we all benefit from.

D– and I spent some time talking about iPhone applications we could write to make ourselves rich, and may have come up with a decent plan or two. We’ll see. I’m not looking forward to learning a new API (especially the GUI aspect of it), but there is a real potential for financial reward, and I’ve never dealt with that before in any of my hobbies. I’m not sure I know how to.

I also spent some time getting my computer connected to the TV, and ironing out little problems. It was a busy night of lots of little tasks, so it felt too-short and swiftly-passing, but I think in the end I got a lot accomplished.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.