Journal Entry: July 14, 2009

Yesterday morning (you’ll recall) I was complaining about crippling back pain. During the course of the day I did some stretches my physical therapist had taught me a year ago (and prayed a lot), and by the end of the day I was walking normal.

My back was still a little sore, but I basically spent the whole evening saying to myself, “If I can move this well when I wake up in the morning, I’ll be fine.” I remember when I first injured my back a year ago it took me three months of agony before I even went to a doctor about it, and then another two months after that before I was better. Yesterday morning I was pretty sure I had that to look forward to again because of the work I did last Wednesday.

This morning, I could move as well as I did last night. So I guess I’m fine. Praise the Lord.

Anyway, after work yesterday I skipped my workout because of the back pain. Instead I took care of a couple little chores, and then T– and I headed to dinner in separate vehicles. I drove my boss’s BMW, and T– drove the new Saturn. We went to Taco Bueno, and then from there out to my boss’s house in Mustang (about forty-five minutes’ drive from our house) to return the borrowed car.

Irene and her husband came out to greet us and check out the new car, and they were suitably impressed. AB also enjoyed getting to meet Irene’s little boy. We probably would have stayed longer, but it was so hot out. We headed home around 7:30, and got home in time to bed AB down to bed.

After that I worked on some stuff in the office for a little bit, then joined T– in the living room to watch an episode of Flight of the Conchords (which leaves us with only three left in the season). Then we went to bed to read for a while, and a while became “not very long” because we were both exhausted.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.