Journal Entry: July 9, 2009

Not long after lunch yesterday I heard back from the dealership that my Honda was finally ready. I drove home from work, picked up T–, and we drove out there together to pick it up. The air conditioner repair (which turned out to be a computer repair) ended up costing just over $1,000.

While we were out there, we checked out the used cars on their lot. They had an ’08 Saturn Vue listed for a thousand bucks cheaper than the ’07 we’d spent all night Tuesday arguing over, and three others of the vehicles we’re interested in well within our price range. We had ten minutes with the salesman (before heading off to our traditional Wednesday Night Dinner), and in that time he was more useful than the guy at Hudiburg had been over the course of two hours.

We left without buying again, though (obviously), and headed to Arby’s to meet K– and N– (who have family in town) and D– (who has no excuse). My sister and her family are out of town on vacation.

Nobody showed up, though. Lame. Still, we had a quiet little dinner, and then I went home while T– and AB went to church. I’d intended to spend the time working out, but when I pulled into the garage I spotted T–‘s old computer desk (that we’d moved out there when N–‘s mom brought us a new bed for AB), and realized it would have to be dealt with before we got the Honda home. So I spent my time on that.

We have a work area in the back corner of the garage, set apart from the two car bays, but it was primarily occupied by two window A/C units we pulled out of the Tulsa house (and never figured out how to get rid of). I spent forty minutes last night trying to rearrange them into a configuration that would allow me to park the desk on top of them, in that back corner, to leave enough room for the cars.

It was exhausting, hot work, but once I was done it actually freed up a lot of space, and left us with a real work surface instead of the uneven faces of the derelict machines we’d had before. So that’s kind of nice.

Then T– brought AB home and put her to bed, and we watched some Flight of the Conchords until bedtime.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.