Journal Entry: June 4, 2009

Last night after work I got a Father’s Day present — T– picked up a couple new shirts for me from Kohl’s. They were really nice, and I immediately changed into the blue one. (Yes, blue.) Then I ran up to Lowe’s to buy a couple bags of play sand for T–‘s safari-themed Wednesday night Bible class. I met her at the church, we dumped the sand, and then raced over to Arby’s to meet everyone for dinner.

“Everyone” in this case was D– and K– and N–. We had our sandwiches, then we took advantage of the Pick 5 menu to get a round of turnovers for dessert. Delicious!

Then most of us went to church, while D– took me back to my house and dropped me off. He went home to sleep, having spent an exhausting night the evening previous chasing down problems for work.

I got my bad hard drive ready to send back to NewEgg, cleaned up the office and AB’s room a little bit, and then just had time to sit down for a minute before T– got home from church, followed shortly by K– and N– who wanted to check out the new nursery and office.

They were appropriately admiring, and then after they left we put AB to bed, then sat down in the living room to some Conan and Fallon. Both were good, although both were plagued with connectivity issues. I think Cox might be lashing out at me for threatening to cancel my account last week.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.