Journal Entry: March 16, 2009

Last Friday was my RDO, as well as our anniversary. After a quiet evening watching TV Thursday, we spent most of Friday morning getting ready for a trip to Dallas.

There’s this restaurant, Texas de Brazil, that D– encountered in his business travels. When T– went down to Dallas with him and his mom last Christmastime, they had a dinner there and T– came back talking about how much I would love the place. When T– was out of town a couple weeks ago and D– and I were discussing what to have for dinner, he frequently suggested we head down to Dallas, although it was always at 7:00 when we were already starving, so that never happened.

T– came home from that same weekend in Wichita, and said, “I have an idea what we could do for our anniversary. Would it be completely crazy to drive down to Dallas just to have dinner?” I laughed by way of answer.

Anyway, as she explains on her blog (with pictures) she got us some reservations early in the week and we drove down Friday afternoon, left AB with my grandma, had what will probably be the most delicious meal of my entire life, slept at my grandma’s house, and then headed back home Saturday morning (after a brunch at IHOP).

It was a pleasant trip, and that dinner was well worth the trip to Dallas, I must say. I had my doubts, as Friday crept closer, but they were entirely unfounded.

Saturday afternoon we got home and just unpacked the car before Julie and Carlos showed up for a visit. T– made fajitas and I made salsa, and we all enjoyed a great dinner before retiring to the living room.

T– inflicted our wedding album on Julie, and Julie fired back with a fancy-schmancy homemade wedding DVD of amazing quality. I’ve taken stabs at building DVDs from time to time (whether to save old Home Movies episodes or to present T–‘s home movies at AB’s first birthday party), so I know the basic tools in the box, and I’ve got to say, Julie did a fantastic job putting them together. It looked professional.

That was a fun wedding, too, but I think I already mentioned that.

N– and K– stopped by during the evening, which was the first time I’d really seen them in more than a week (aside from a passing nod at church last Sunday morning). It was nice to have a chance to get caught up. After they left we introduced Carlos and Julie to The Big Bang Theory with the excellent “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock” episode, and then we brought out Rock Band and that killed the rest of our night.

Sunday afternoon T– and I went to Jason’s Deli for lunch — somewhere I’d spent more than a week trying to find an opportunity to go — and then went back home to put AB down for a nap. While she slept I worked on our finances, and T– headed up to Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping. Shortly after she got home, she and AB headed to Guthrie for Small Groups.

I stayed home, partly because I’d offered to bring K– and N– dinner (but also partly because I didn’t feel like fighting the social anxiety on a Sunday night). Anyway, K– told me I could stay home when I contacted him (along with a thanks for the offer), so I had the evening free. I watched Blades of Glory and then Keeping the Faith, and partway through that I contacted D– to see if he wanted to get some dinner.

We ended up walking over to the Dugout for burgers and whiskey, and that became a whole night. We didn’t actually get there until after 7:30, but even so it was nearly ten when I got home. Then I went to bed, and now I’m back at work.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.