Journal Entry: May 1, 2009

Tuesday T– made enchiladas, D– came over for dinner, and we watched TV while I played Demigod. The end.

Wednesday, D– came over right after work to babysit AB for the evening so T– and I could go out on a date. We’ve started something of a ritual of going out to dinner whenever I finish a novel (and she finishes reading it), so she can give me her full feedback and I can ask any pressing questions I have (such as, for instance, “Is it any good?”). That’s always a lot of fun, and this week’s was no exception. We went to Texas Roadhouse and talked about GT: Expectation.

Then after that we went to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to check out the openings of a couple exhibits. One featured Oklahoma modernist architecture, and the other was a collection of original prints (woodcuts, lithographs, that style of thing) from nineteenth-century France. That was pretty cool.

We also wandered upstairs after checking out the exhibits to stroll through the permanent collection again, and ended up spending some time on a couple medieval maps from France and the Netherlands. Cool stuff.

We got home in time to watch Lost with D–. It was awesome. And then it was bedtime.

Yesterday T– had to go work in Tulsa and I had to stay late at work, so we had a competition to see who could get home latest. I won. Or lost. Whatever. We had leftovers for dinner, watched some Thursday-night TV, and then I headed to the office to spend my writing time working on a programming project. It was fun.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.