Journal Entry: May 28, 2009

I worked a little bit late yesterday, but still got home with enough time to do a short stint on the elliptical while checking out my new monitor. I played an episode of Comedy Central Presents, and watching TV on this screen is so much better than watching it on the laptop monitor was.

Then we rushed off to meet D– for dinner at El Chico. Afterward T– took AB to church, and I headed up to Books A Million to meet my little sister for a discussion of the Ghost Targets series (which she had just finished).

It was a fantastic discussion, and took a good portion of three hours. I’ve been feeling more and more anxious to write the third book in the series lately, but I’ve been trying to fight down the urge because I just have too much to do. I don’t think my resistance will last long, though. You can probably expect a review copy by mid-July.

Anyway, I got home around ten, and ended up playing Civ for an hour or so, with more Comedy Central Presents on the second monitor. That was fun, too. I’m definitely glad of that purchase.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.