Project Report: Masked Fox Publishing blog

I created a new blog today under the name Masked Fox Publishing (the name I would use for my private company, if I ever ran into a reason to need a private company). It occurred to me while working on some of my recent project reports that some of the discussion that goes into them could be useful for other people working on similar projects — whether they’re Python programmers or writers wondering about the craft. Either way, they wouldn’t have any real interest in knowing where I went to dinner last night.

By the same token, it occurred to me more than once while writing those project reports that the only people who would care about what I was saying were people already involved in the projects. So, while I really want to keep working on both sets of blog posts, I think it makes a lot of sense to maintain them separately. Luckily Blogger makes it really easy to do just that, all from one account.

In the future, I might make mention here of project reports for those of you interested, but I’ll mostly save the detailed descriptions for that blog. I’ve got it linked in my Blogs list on the right, and of course you can always choose to Follow it (if you have a Blogger account) or add it to your RSS feed if you’d still like to read the project reports.

To simplify things, I’ve moved all my older project reports over there, and replaced the existing entries on this blog with links.

Status: In Development

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