Advance Reading Copy of The Dragonprince’s Heir!

For several weeks now (primarily at my Facebook page) I’ve been promising to provide some some Advance Reading Copies of The Dragonprince’s Heir (The Dragonprince Trilogy, #3) to my fans. As you may know, that effort has been delayed a little bit, but I think I’m finally ready to follow through.

I’d like to allow everyone a little time to make their requests (which will also give me time to finish this round of edits and build the files I’ll need to send out). So if you’re interested, leave a comment (with a valid email address) on this post before the end of the day Tuesday, June 12th. If you don’t know what to say, “Me too, please!” will probably do the job. It’s not an essay contest.

I only have digital copies available, but they should be readable on whatever you’re using to read this blog post. On Wednesday, I’ll send review copies to the first hundred people who commented below. All I’d ask in return is that you write me a review at the digital vendor(s) of your choice. Blog posts are welcome too, of course.

Please note that this is a separate offer from the one we made at KickStarter, but everyone who made a pledge there before the end of the day on May 31st should also be getting their ARCs this Wednesday.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, definitely check out our KickStarter campaign! It’s a good cause, and it’s an easy way to pre-order a signed first edition of the paperback.

Update from the Comments

Congratulations to everyone on the list so far! You’ll be hearing back from me on Wednesday. And, of course, there’s still room for more!

I just wanted to pop in and respond to those of you who’ve mentioned how desperate you are for an ARC because you’re all out of reading material. At the risk of sounding like some soulless salesperson, I should mention that I do have some other stories available.

Maybe you’ve already read them all. If so, I can still introduce you to some great new writers. You can’t go wrong with anyone from Consortium Books.

Update from the 100th Responder

We just got our 100th request! Sorry to anyone who missed out, but you’ll only be waiting a couple weeks. The book will be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble by Tuesday, June 26th.

Can’t wait to hear what you all think! Thanks for the enthusiastic response!

149 Replies to “Advance Reading Copy of The Dragonprince’s Heir!”

  1. I shall be reading this on my kindle and reviewing it on if you select me. Look forward to potentially reading this!

  2. Hah! I forgot I’d have to moderate all these comments.

    For what it’s worth, I do receive email notifications (with timestamps), so if we do get more than 100 requests, I’ll honor them based on when they were submitted (not when I got around to moderating them).

    And in the same sense, I’ll track them by the email addresses associated with them, not by the comment count here. So if someone posts more than once (or mentions in a comment that they don’t want an ARC), they won’t be keeping one from anybody else.

    This is going to be fun.

  3. Me too please! I loved the first two books and can’t wait to read the next on my kindle.

  4. Ohh, ohhhh. Mmmeeeee toooo please! Your books are awesome and I am out of books to read currently. I have been doing circles in the house looking for something to do because I have nothing to read, thing is I have done everything around the house too!. Thanks a million.

  5. Am eagerly anticipating the read……love your stuff…..please sign me up for an ARC

  6. Ohhhhhh, yes please. Also as an extra plus side I’ll be able to tease my father about it :). I’m sadisitc and evil I know ;)!

  7. I have been looking forward to the release of this book for a while and would love the opportunity to read it!

  8. Yes Please….That would be Phenomenal Ive been waiting but at times i get really impatient. I know writing is ton of work but if this helps ill be more than happy!!!

  9. “Me too, please!” I’m a fairly new reader of your stuff but I loved the first two books of The Dragonprince’s Heir and I can’t wait to read the next one. Thanks a lot and Happy Writing!

  10. I am about to deploy again and would love to have a copy of your book.

  11. I like Taming Fire and Dragonswarm is one of my favorite books. I rarely write reviews but I certainty will for Dragonprince.

  12. Yes please! I have re-read the first two too many times and have been eagerly awaiting number three!

  13. I’d love to read ARC, just finished second book, can’t wait to read the next one. If the third one is anything like the second one, i’ll leave a 5 star comment even before reading it!

  14. Sounds awesome, loved the first two books of the Dragonprince Trilogy def willing to help an author out with a positive review.

  15. You said “Me too, please!” should do it so here it is. Really enjoying the books. Should be finished with Dragonswarn this week.

  16. Hi I would love to receive an advanced copy. I loved taming fire and dragonswarm and can not wait for The Dragonprince’s Heir

  17. Hey, send me a copy please. I’ll make sure to write a review for it.

  18. I’d like a copy as well. I made a pledge to the kickstarter project after the may 31st deadline. can’t wait to get my hands on the advance reading copy ^^

  19. Just read the first book and about to read the 2nd, would love a copy, I read on kindle so would write a review on Amazon.

  20. Hey Aaron,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading the first two books and i’m looking forward to Dragonprince’s Heir.

    Me too please!

  21. I would love and advance read. Me and my brothers love your books and I’m trying to right my own. Way harder them I ever thought it would be and I didn’t think it would be easy to begin with. Lol.

  22. Yes definitely I can’t express how excited I am to get my hands on a copy of the third installment. The waiting game is killing me. The first chapter of the trilogy made me an instant fan of your work and I’ve convinced non readers around the office to pick up your book and now they finally have found material to keep their intrest and make it through a whole book. Way to go Mr. Pogue thank you

  23. Yes, absolutely, “Me too, please!”

    I didn’t find out about the kickstarter campaign until it was already too late. So thank you very much for this opportunity.

  24. I’ve just finished The Dragonswarm and am looking forward to book 3. I’d love an advanced copy!

  25. Definitely me as well : )

    I really loved the first two books, and have read them quite a few times.

    Also, have you considered doing an ama on reddit or broadcasting your kickstarter there? They love things like this that have a good cause, and as an added bonus I bet you would reach your goal pretty much instantly!

    Just a thought, but good luck!

  26. Hi Mr Pogue, I found your series on the Kindle store and immediately fell in love. I’m a SGT in the US Army, currently deployed in Afghanistan. Not to use my deployment as a point of sympathy, but I was unable to fund the Kickstarter before the May 31 deadline (although I have recently funded the kickstarter). I would love to be included in this early copy program. Thank you.

  27. I’ve been reading the prequels on my Kindle, and I’m very excited to see how it all concludes!!!

  28. I loved your first two installments and want to thank you for the great read. They actually got my 14 year old off of the Xbox. I am looking forward to the conclusion. We would love an advance copy but will gladly buy this book when available. When might that be?
    Thanks again
    A M

    1. Aww, look at me! I’m encouraging the younger generation to read. I’m going to spend a couple hours feeling quite proud of myself for that.

      In answer to your question, our scheduled release date for The Dragonprince’s Heir is Tuesday, June 26th. All manner of things could still go wrong, but that’s the plan.

      And, naturally, I would love for all my ARC-recipients to purchase copies, too. It’ll help my sales rank, if nothing else.

      Still, I take nothing for granted. Honestly, I’m still constantly amazed and delighted how many people enjoy my stories. This whole comment thread has done amazing things for my ego.

  29. Congratulations to everyone on the list so far! You’ll be hearing back from me on Wednesday. And, of course, there’s still room for more!

    I just wanted to pop in and respond to those of you who’ve mentioned how desperate you are for an ARC because you’re all out of reading material. At the risk of sounding like some soulless salesperson, I should mention that I do have some other products available.

    Maybe you’ve already read them all. If so…I’m humbled and honored, and the best I can do is point you toward Roger Zelazny or Terry Pratchett. Either one of these gentlemen should keep you busy for a good long while.


  31. Wow! I would love to have a copy. I’m a big fan of the first two books and I’m delighted to see where mr full of chaos magic goes with his amazing power now. And the Fortress! So much to find out! Pick me!

  32. Me too please. I read the first two in record speed and can’t wait to get my hands on number three.

  33. I would just like to take a moment to thank you for your generosity. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and can’t stop anticipating The Dragonprince’s Heir. Amidst all of the recycled plots (e.g. princess gets kidnapped by dragon then rescued by a knight in shining armor), bland language (he said that he thought), and numerous orthographical and grammatical mistakes of uncountable series of numerous authors, this series is a breath of fresh air. You do an excellent job of breaking the mold in the fantasy genre of literature. I dabble in fanfictions and can appreciate how hard it is to write a good story, writing an excellent book, like what you do, is probably even more arduous. Granted there are many examples of great authors out there, but if you can continue to improve at this rate you may soon surpass literary legends like Tolken. But I digress, I eagerly anticipate reading your next masterpiece and hope that I’m not too late to get an advance copy. I sincerely thank you for your generous offer.

  34. I would love an advanced copy, Taming Fire and the Dragonswarm were excellent reads. Thanks for those by the way.

  35. Please please please please. me too. Absolutely loved the first two books. (loaned the first to one of my friends about a week ago on kindle and also got him hooked) absolutely terrific story. Can’t wait for book 3.

  36. I am excited to read the new book and would love to read your advanced copy.

  37. I have really enjoyed the first two and am extremely excited for the third. Would love to receive a copy.


  38. I would love to get an advanced copy! I’m a huge fan of your work.
    Thank you!!!!

  39. Somewhat patiently waiting. Finished The Dragonswarm too quickly after release and have been twiddling my thumbs ever since.

  40. I’ve been looking forward to this book’s publication. I hope to be one of the advance readers — what an honor, thank you!

  41. I’d be honored….and I can promise to have it read very quickly. I’m quite addicted. Great series and keep up the great work.

  42. Hey Aaron,

    I just saw your post on my Facebook and thought I should say that yes, I am most certainly interested. I am an avid reader, and I find myself buying new books for my kindle on amazon every day or two. I quite enjoyed yours and would be very happy to read and comment on the latest. Hopefully I made the “first 100” group 🙂

    Either way, thanks for the chance and keep tappin’ away at that keyboard of yours! Cheers bud 🙂

  43. It would be an honor to have an advanced reading copy to read. I have been eagerly anticipating this book for quite a while now. Read both of the first two in a single day, probably less.

  44. Oooh I’m so happy I saw this! I hope I make the cut for the advanced reading copies. I love your first 2 dragonprince books! The story was fun, fast, and very addicting. And strange as it is, the mindset and commentary from the dragons feels very realistic (like if they were real, this is how I would envision them!). I am very excited to read book #3 and look forward to many many more of your books Aaron!

  45. I’m a new fan of you and your work, but I’m loving every minute of it!

  46. I would love an advanced copy. You do great work and I can’t wait for your 3rd book.

  47. I put a comment up earlier before I went to the bottom of the page. Oops. Please consider this my plea for a copy!

  48. Me to please! I loved the first two books and can’t wait to get the final installment! Thanks for the consideration.

  49. I would be more than happy to review an ARC copy for you. The series has been excellent so far and I have high expectations for this book.

    1. As a matter of fact, you were 98!

      A couple of my comments and a couple double-posts by others had inflated the comment count on the page, but I just went through all the comments in order grabbing unique email addresses.

  50. Me too please!! Though grammatically incorrect, a second exclamation point lets you know I mean it.

    1. As much as I’ve appreciated all the kind comments on this thread, yours is the one that earned the honor of being read aloud to my editor…who approved of it most heartily. Well done.

  51. We’ve done it! 100 takers and nearly 24 hours ahead of deadline.

    And you guys have been absolutely phenomenal for my self-esteem! Thanks for all the kind comments. I’ll get you the reading copy as soon as possible, but it should be no later than Wednesday night.

    1. I tihnk its cool that your offering this Btw , is there a way to find out if we made the list or not ?

      1. Yep! Everyone who posted before 4:18pm on Monday (June 11) made the list. That’s going off the timestamp shown on your comment, so we don’t have to worry about converting local times.

        So, since your comment shows as “June 11, 2012 at 8:09 am,” you can rest easy. You made the cut.

        Those who didn’t make the cut are getting a separate offer (via email). It’s almost as good, but not quite. See how I balance my fairness and generosity?

        Anyway! I’m back to edits. With any luck, I’ll have the reading copy in your hands within hours.

        1. Awesome , thanks for the time you take to reply , I know you must be very busy:)

  52. i know that it is past the 100 posts, but an arc is the only way i will be able to read your book before i leave on an lds mission for two years on June 20th. I really love this trilogy and getting to read it before i leave woud mean a lot to me.

  53. I’d love a copy. I made a pledge through kickstart. Patience is not a virtue that I’ve been able to attain. Help me fill that void with excellent reading material!! Please, Aaron… summer is coming 😉

  54. Me too, please! better late than never! 🙂 just reread Dragonswarm, Just as amazing as the first time around. Diving into the short stories now. Thanks!

  55. I’m not sure if i’m one of the first 100 but i just wanted to let you konw that the Dragonprince trilogy quickly became one of my favorite series after a few minutes of reading dragonswarm. I almost regret reading it becuase now im having a problem finding books to bide the time until the dragonprince’s heir comes out.

  56. Me too please i would love a advanced copy of your book in found the other two books to be wonderful reads.

  57. I know it is past 100 but I figured I’d leave a comment in case you were feeling a little extra generous 🙂 I just saw your note posted on amazon about the official release date but waiting is so difficult!

    1. I agree. was hoping to get to spend my last day off for a while reading it! but either way, ill still read it as quick as possible! 😀

      1. Sorry to keep you all waiting, but I can promise it was worth the wait.

        When you get to the end of the chapter in the flower garden, you’ll know.

  58. Loved the first two books! Can’t wait to read the third! Can I still get a copy?

    1. Yes! Definitely!

      Umm…almost certainly….

      I’ve got an elf lady who’s giving me a hell of a time. She keeps talking in circles, and I need to make sure those circles get somewhere. But if I can just get this chapter to work, everything else is done, and I’ll send out a mass email before I sit down to supper.

      That’s the plan, anyway.

      1. Awesome, so excited to read it! I know my wife isn’t looking forward to my hours spent glued to your book but I sure am!

      2. Well, I have to go to bed because I have to be up early for work. Was hoping to start in on this tonight, but we all know you are busy and getting things done as fast as you can. Hope i can start on it when i get home tomorrow!

  59. Just wondering if you’ve mailed them out already. Haven’t gotten an email or anything yet and just wanted to double check.

  60. darnit, I missed the cut off date. If you’re at all possibly even slightly still sending out more, I’m totally in. I’ve been aching to finish this series.

  61. Hi, I don’t know if it’s too late to request (really really request) the ARC of the Daragonprince’s Heir, but if it’s not too late, I would love to read it right now. I just re-read the first two books, and have also just ordered the latest Ghost Target kindle ebook. I love your books! I’ll be getting them all.
    Ann B

  62. Bought Taming Fire yesterday and finished reading The Dragonswarm today. I can’t wait two more weeks to see what happens to Daven! If you can at all find it in your heart (or email) to send me a copy, I would be the happiest kid in the world!

  63. I have been anticipating this book for a good while. I tell everyone I know this is my favorite series of books… I hope to be impressed yet again.

    Thanks for sharing your talent!

  64. Well one day left. I’m ready. I saved all my easy work for tomorrow. Relax charge phone for when kindle dies.

    1. I’m torn. As the head publisher for Consortium Books, I should really respect the “official” release date. But as the author (with such great fans), it’s so tempting to leak the fact that the book is already available at Amazon and B&N.

      Oh, what’s a guy to do?

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