Oberon’s Dreams is the Kindle Daily Deal!

My first traditionally-published novel came out back in May, and it’s had a little trouble gaining traction. I suspect it has mostly to do with the branding, mainly because the reviewers are saying so.

Seems it’s not the story they thought they were getting (a sea-faring pirate tale), and somehow my Dragonprince fans aren’t getting the word that there’s another story they’ll probably like.

Admittedly…there’s no dragons in it. But there’s action. There’s adventure! There’s a charming rogue thrown back through time and caught up in a war between two ancient gods!

Anyway, it’s been languishing in obscurity for a couple months now, but it’s got a good chance to break out of that because today it’s been selected by Amazon as one of the two Science Fiction/Fantasy titles in the Kindle Daily Deal.

The Kindle Daily Deal is a huge promotion that has a habit of vaulting books onto the bestseller list. Oberon’s Dreams could certainly use that treatment, so wish me luck!

And if you haven’t read it yet, grab a copy during the promotion. You can save a couple bucks and help me climb the charts at the same time.

2 Replies to “Oberon’s Dreams is the Kindle Daily Deal!”

  1. Hey, Aaron! I’m reading this book right now even though I bought it back in May during release week or close thereabouts.

    Just so you know, I bought it from Audible and did the double deal with whisper sinc. Basically, if you buy the ebook from Amazon, you can get the audiobook from Audible at a discount. I really like the narrator for your book. (Luke Daniels also does the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne.) It was also advertised in the Audible newsletter at the time of release, which is why I even knew about it.

    I’m enjoying it so far, and I know it takes a lot of effort to produce a book. Good luck finding your audience! 🙂

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