Journal Entry: June 14, 2006

Okay, I’m going to try to start writing more of a journal here, because I really can’t keep my friends and family updated with emails to any extent, and because I’ve started writing all my good ideas into Sleeping Kings, instead of writing essays about them here.

I’m still sticking with the G, G, and G tags when I do write essays (and I’m sure I’ll keep doing that). I’m just adding a “Journal Entry” tag, which means I’m just writing boring news about my boring life.

So enjoy!

I’m in Ann Arbor at the moment, on training for work. We’ve got a major project under way, in which we’re converting all of our thousands and thousands of pages of decades old documentation into an interactive digital format (an IETM, or Interactive Electronic Technical Manual).

To make it interactive, we’ve hired a couple of very impressive companies to take what are essentially paper documents and write a whole layer of XML over the top of the content describing all the parts and making them work. Very fancy stuff, and it has certainly impressed the people who will be using the documents. It was also not, by any means, a cheap process.

So now they’re handing that work over to us, and we’ve got to maintain the documents they gave us, and integrate any future documents into the system, so I’m getting to learn XML on the government dime. Thus, my trip here. I’m learning a really cool editing tool designed to simplify the process of writing good XML, and writing it well.

The training has been interesting. I had a one-day class called “Understanding XML and SGML,” an introductory course explaining what this stuff is. That was Tuesday. I thought it would be dreadfully dull, since I already knew all about those things, but he put it into context in a powerful way, and it was actually a really good course.

The rest of my week I’m in a class called “Authoring with Epic Editor,” learning to use the actual program, which is the bit I was excited about. Actually, turns out this class is as bad as I expected the other one to be. I suppose what I needed was a 1-day course teaching the things we’re going to be learning over 3 days. Alas. Not an option.

Anyway, that’s all. Michigan is beautiful. Everything is green, there’s a slight overcast all the time, and the weather is a comfortable 70-something. It’s awesome. Also having a better time than I did in Seattle simply because my hotel is very close to lots of places (and by that I mean Taco Bell and McDonalds, not, like, national monuments or places of interest). So, convenient location, free breakfast, and my evenings free. That’s pretty good.

Other than that, not much interesting news at the moment. Last weekend Trish was in Dallas on a family scrapbooking trip, which went well, but I’ll leave that to her to detail.

I’m excited about Sleeping Kings. I’ve gotten some great feedback, and against all odds I’ve managed to keep writing daily. Of course, I could stop at any point, but I’m just impressed I got this far. I hope to start doing something similar with King Jason’s War when I get home.

That’ll be Saturday, 7-ish, by the way. In case you were wondering.

Journal Entry: On Travel for Work

Ross: Baby and eagle, still ablaze, swirl around the whirlpool that has become of the apartment.

Rachel: Boy are you going to be sorry if that’s true.

Thank goodness for TBS, when away from home and TiVo. KnowhwatImean?

Journal Entry: Hiatus

These are things in my life:
This morning I went by the ClearSight Center for a preliminary exam, in the hopes of getting LASIK sometime soon.

Tomorrow morning (early) I’m heading to Seattle for a business trip. Not the fun kind. I’ll be there through Friday evening. Trish is letting me use her laptop, so that’s something, but I’ll probably be fairly out of touch. Sorry about that. Trish has suggested that I travelblog on my trip, and I may do that. Probably depends whether it’s any fun at all, or just boring….

The week after I get back (first week of February) I’ve got 2 all-day meetings at work. Never any fun. They’re 8-hour days, though, so that’ll be nice.

The week after that, on Wednesday the 9th, I have a follow-up pre-surgery exam in the morning. On Thursday the 10th I have the surgery (2:30 in the afternoon), and then I’m going to be pretty much out of operation for 24-48 hours.

So, this time next month I could be seeing on my own, for the first time since I was, I dunno, 6-ish. That’s a crazy thought.

Wish me luck. It’s scary, and quite expensive.

Journal Entry

We bought the house in OKC. Everyone who reads this, knows that already. Most of them were there, even, before dinner.

We bought the house in OKC. A week from tomorrow is my last day at work in Tulsa. We’ve got the move, and I’ve got finishing up here, and then I’ve got all the learning my new job and (with any luck at all) we’ll have the hassle and stress of selling our Tulsa house. Nobody’s looked at it yet.

All that is to say, mebbe I’ll update again soon. Mebbe the new job will have enough bureaucratic slowness to it to grant me the downtime I haven’t had in a while. Then again, mebbe I’ll just spend all that downtime working on programming projects and reading articles about the nature of addiction.

Or, y’know, writing on my actual books. Who knows. It’s a crazy world, all ’round.