Journal Entry: A Fantastic Story Idea

Okay, I was thinking of this on the drive in to work this morning….

What if the patriarchs from the Old Testament were gnomes? Eh? Eh???

No, no, I’m not suggesting they were (but I would be, in the story). Little tiny gnomes who can reasonably live 800 years, and for whom the whole world flooding wouldn’t, necessarily, involve Earth’s very atmosphere catching on fire from the heat exchange. That sort of thing.

Could be fun. I’m thinking that they lived in the same region as the Hebrews, and interacted with them to some small degree, and that the scrolls Josiah (Josiah being a real-life big person) found in the temple were actually a transcription of the gnomes’ history, but he mistook it as his own people’s history.

Ooooh…that could be a lot of fun.