Journal Entry: Holiday Weekend

Just got back from a three-day weekend spent with family. Trish and I had off work yesterday, so we drove to Little Rock Friday night after work, and just got home late last night.

It was a good weekend. Shannon and Jeff were there, and Sophie was more smiley than usual, so that was cute. Jeff and I brought out computers, so the weekend was mostly WoW (and Mom got in her second instance run when we took three low-40s characters through ZF Sunday night — that was wild). Good progress was made in-game, but I won’t bore you with those details.

Naturally, we weren’t allowed to WoW for the whole weekend. On Saturday we went to Hot Springs and played a round of mini-golf (Dad won), and toured the old bath houses there. Err…I guess it was fun. Before heading home we stopped at an ice cream / coffee shop, and I got an Espresso Float (which is just Espresso poured over vanilla ice cream), and wow. So good.

Oh! (How do I keep forgetting this?) Before heading to Hot Springs we went to a Vespa dealer, because Mom is seriously planning on getting a Vespa soon. That was about an hour at the dealer, considering all of the different models, talking about possibilities and, y’know, whatnot. We were hoping we’d get to watch Mom do a test drive and laugh at her, but that requires a motorcycle permit which she didn’t have. So, y’know, alas.

Sunday was church, and then WoW all afternoon. Oh, I grilled hotdogs for us. They were delicious. The Iversons went to see X3. I got Barradon through the Badlands. Then Sunday night ZF, and we were up until after one.

And most of yesterday was all of us quietly wondering when we’d actually head home. Shannon and Jeff ended up deciding to wait until today, but I’m not exactly rolling in leave time, so Trish and I headed home about 4:30 last night. We got a ticket for following too close behind a police officer (who pulled in front of me and then slowed down, grr). They were out in major force all week, obviously trying to make a show, and probably with a quota to fill. Oh well, whatever.

And that was that. I managed to write on Sleeping Kings every day, which I consider a major success. And I got a lot of the story and design worked out over the course of 11 hours of driving. And now I’m back home, and a long couple weeks of work getting ready for my week of travel.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!