Journal Entry: June 16, 2006


I had a late night last night. Finally fell asleep about three-thirty-two-thirty-central. No coffee, last night or this morning. Just…things on my mind.

I spent a few hours last night reading The Invented Reality (a book I mentioned in Sleeping Kings, that I just happened to have on my bookshelf). It’s really good. You should all read it! Well, only the smart ones among you, actually.

Hmm…that’s not quite fair. I really should have said “the academic ones,” because it’s a very academic book. Feels kinda post-graduate level to me, but I’m only in the first essay. Fascinating stuff, though.

I’ve got a headache this morning. Probably has something to do with last night….

Okay, so, through work I get $60 a day for meals and incidentals, whether or not I actually spend that much. That can make for some pretty nice meals on travel, but unfortunately I was able to get that money as a travel advance, and I’ve long-since spent my per diem to pay for, y’know, mortgages and electric bills.

That’s probably a good thing. I mean, it’s not as though I need steaks and margaritas every night on travel, but it would help fill the quiet hours, knowwhatImean?

Oh! Got my numbers wrong, too. I don’t get home at 7:00 tomorrow — my flight leaves Detroit at 7:00. With the time change, I get in at 9:30. Bah.

Bah. Not in a good mood today. I did get done with my course around 11:30, and the rest of today is an optional review session which I don’t need to attend. Good, in that I’m not bored in the classroom, listening to the teacher lady chatter. Bad, in that now I’m just gonna spend the next twenty-four hours bored in my hotel room, instead.

Back to the not-quite-playing-WoW-or-reading-or-watching-TV-or-whatever state. I dunno why I’m in a funk, but I am quite thoroughly in a funk. Gonna go get some Taco Bell, maybe. Who knows, maybe I’ll win the El Presidente contest and get a million pesos. That would lift my spirits more than somewhat….

Live well. Seriously, I do command it.