Journal Entry

Thursday, September 27th
Last night was a pleasantly relaxing one. I finished typing up the first draft of Royal Holiday and got that to D– and T– for reviews. Then I got home and talked with the wife a bit, and then went back to my office to play some Heroes for about an hour. I finished the Human campaign.

Then we had beef fried rice that was really good, and played with AB, then we ran up to Blockbusters (and stopped at Braums on the way home) before settling in to watch the season premier of Earl. Pretty good stuff. The Office was on last night, too, but T– didn’t want to watch another hour of sitcoms, so she went to bed around 9:00 to read some, and I tried to play some more Heroes. Unfortunately, in the first game of the Demon campaign, it keeps crashing after my second fight. I’ll have to see if I can figure that out.

And, 10:30-ish, I went to bed. Not a terribly exciting day, but it was nice to chill out and stay home for an evening. Tonight should be quite different, so…calm before the storm, or something.