Journal Entry

Today, I finished typing up a long backlog of longhand “Royal Holiday” pages. It feels good to have that done. I’ve got about a dozen pages left in the story, before I get to the end. I’m looking forward to finishing.

We’d made some tentative plans to have dinner with K– and N– and D– tonight — something we often do on Wednesdays — but N– ended up with an appointment for a haircut around 5:00. T– was generous enough to skip her plans for the evening, so we were all able to get together for dinner at Friday’s at 6:30.

That was fun, and the food was good. T– and I shared the old Jack Daniels Tower (now it’s just the Sampler, and doesn’t come on a tower, but it’s the same things). Delicious. Everyone else got desserts, too, and we got to try some, which was good enough for me.

Afterward, we came home and played with AB for a while, then D– and I ran up to Barnes and Noble to look around. He found a book he wanted, and bought AB a cloth book for her to play with and chew on. He’d been wanting to get her something of the sort for a while now, and while we were looking we found a “My First Photo Album,” which even has places to put pictures. It was too perfect. She’s going to love it.

Anyway, after that he went home, and I worked on my homework for class. I read two chapters from the book, and now it’s time for bed.