Journal Entry

Hmm. I’ve got to either get caught up (so I’m writing 2-3 paragraph entries again), or start living an interesting life. Otherwise, nobody’s going to read any of this.

Of course, I choose “get caught up.” No one is surprised by this.

Friday, September 7th
Late Thursday night (after a couple Jack and Cokes), I sent a ransom letter to B– and E– insisting that they come over Friday night. If I can dig it up, I might post the attached picture here. Maybe. I did a successful job of looking like a serial killer, and I don’t really think I want to share that with lots of people. You never know, though.

Anyway, on Friday they graciously accepted, so after I got off work on Friday, I went home to play with AB for a little while, then D– showed up to hang out, and then B– and E– got there around 6:00. We all talked a little bit, I got a call from K– saying he could come have dinner with us (N– was in Norman for a work thing — more on that later), so it was shaping up to be a real party.

B– and I went to Pizza Hut to order the pizza, which gave us a little time to get caught up. There’s been a lot going on, workwise, for both of us. Mine has been better than his. Poor guy.

By the time we got back, K– was arrived, and among us we devoured two large pizzas. Delicious. Then K– headed home to pack up an overnight back (more on that later), while the rest of us watched the first episode of Dane Cook’s Tourgasm. I’ve been watching through it, and T– sat through a couple episodes, and she thought B– and E– would like it. I’m not really sure if she was right or not. D– completely hated it, but he hates Dane Cook. Dummy.

Anyway, 8:30-ish K– got back and B– and E– went home so B– could get some sleep and/or get back to work. Poor bastard. Then (now it’s later), D– and I drove K– down to Norman. I’m glad D– came along, because (A) the drive back would’ve been pretty dull, alone, and (B) Mustang.

But, yeah, N– had a conference sort of thing for work that included lots of lectures Friday night (and a fancy free dinner), and then a hotel room and two tickets to the OU game Saturday morning. All paid for. She’d driven down there right after work on Friday, and they didn’t really want to drive two cars home in the post-game traffic on Saturday, so we agreed to drop K– off. Probably left a little before 9:00, and got home around 11:00.

We debated the various merits of Can’t Hardly Wait, Empire Records, and Almost Famous, settled on Can’t Hardly Wait, and then about a minute into it we swapped it out for The New Guy. Excellent choice, I must say. D– was up for watching more after that, but I’m getting old. I went to bed around 1:00.

Saturday, September 8th
Saturday was game day. I woke up to rain, so I didn’t have to mow. Instead, I went to Wal-Mart with T– and AB, then got home and turned on the game. It was a fantastic game, but it’s been a long time since I’ve tried to watch an OU game by myself. T– was there, but she wasn’t really watching. She kept wandering into other rooms, taking care of the baby, that sort of thing. Not that I’m complaining. But it’s a very different experience in a social environment. K– and N– were at the game, like I said, and D– was spending the afternoon with some friends, one of whom was celebrating a birthday.

Of course, the game made up for it. It was an amazing game. Dad kept calling me, he was so excited about it, so I had to skip as much as possible with the TiVo to get caught up, just so I could answer the phone. But, yeah, that was fun.

Then T– and I spent most of the evening just hanging around the house. We grabbed some Taco Bell, watched some TV, and just kinda let the day go. In the evening, finally done with his other friends, D– gave me a call and asked if I was free to go out. We hit the Blues bar downtown for a couple hours, which was a lot of fun. I got in around 1:30, and then (stupidly) stayed up two more hours playing Overlord. It was fun, though. I finally figured out what the arena was for, and put it to good use.

Sunday, September 9th
So, yeah, shame on me, I didn’t wake up in time for church. T– made some lunch, and we spent a couple hours discussing AB’s development and some things that have been frustrating us (and how to fix them), and that ended with a trip to Barnes and Noble that proved highly rewarding. We’ve long been recommending the book On Becoming Babywise as a great model for taking care of and training a newborn, but we’d already gotten past the scope of the book. Turns out there’s a Part 2 that covers where AB is now. On the drive home, just reading through the Table of Contents, it seemed like the book directly addressed everything we were having trouble with. So, yay. T– ended up reading through it for most of the evening.

It’s not evening yet, though! I mean, within the narrative. Shortly after we got back from the book store, D– came over to watch AB while we went to the dollar movies with K– and N–. We went to see the third Pirates movie, which none of us had seen yet (D– was horrified at that). It was pretty good. Better than the second, but I thought the resolution of the plot was lame. The movie was fun to watch, but I didn’t like the story. Whatcha gonna do, though?

After that we grabbed some Subway and went back to the house to relieve D– of his duties. Then we watched the Cowboys beat the Giants in heart-stopping, edge-of-your-seat, these-idiots-are-going-to-lose-the-game style. N– left early because she had to wake up early Monday (wimp), but K– stayed for the whole thing. It was awesome. I’m excited about the team this year.

And, yeah, T– read her new book through most of that. Sounds like it’s got some very helpful stuff in it. I’ll read it as soon as she’s done.

Monday, September 10th
Then yesterday I started my week of much-overtime, for the project I mentioned last week. (I did mention it, didn’t I?) It’s pretty brutal work, but I think we can get it done by Friday, and that will be a major weight off all our shoulders. I only stayed at work about an hour late yesterday (although I took some stuff home with me to work on), and then got home in time for D– to bring us pizza.

His mom was in town on her way to visit his grandma, and she always likes to see us when she’s around, so they picked up a Falcone’s pizza and some cannolis for all of us, and we all had a great time. They left a little before nine, and I went to do some work in the office.

Oh! Before they got there, I decided on a whim to do some work in the garage, so I got a lot of the messy corner cleaned up, and it’s about ready to put cars in there again. I’m looking forward to that.

Now, on a parting note, I just want to say that the phrase, “Then (now it’s later)” is one of my favorite things I’ve ever said on this blog. That is all.