Journal Entry

Tuesday, September 11th
Yesterday I worked late again, getting home with just enough time to eat a sandwich T– had waiting before we headed off to our marriage seminar class. That started at 6:30. It involves sharing time (think of a support group setting, albeit with a less frightening affliction), which is not my forte. We were told last week that the sharing’s not compulsory, but last night it was. We were told last night that it won’t be in the future. We’ll see.

Anyway, the class itself still seems like a pretty good opportunity to me. T– and I tried to work our way through His Needs, Her Needs a couple years ago (when we really should have been going to all-out counseling), and we didn’t make it halfway through. We’re in a better position to benefit from the low-level techniques it offers, at this point, and I think the peer pressure associated with the support group atmosphere should help us follow through. We’ll see.

But, yeah, that ate up most of the night. Afterward we stopped by Braums on the way home, with K– and N–, and then got home around 9:00 to let D– off the hook (he’s babysitting AB for us every Tuesday for nine weeks — what a guy). Then T– read some on Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and I went to the office to work on my manual. Yay for overtime, I guess.