Journal Entry

Meanwhile, our heroes….

Ugh. I thought I was two or three days late on posting. Maybe four. But no. It’s worse than that.

I have a sore ankle tonight. That’s why I’m not walking right now. Not sure how it happened, but I noticed it walking out to my car after work today.

Work? Work has been awful this week. I’m in all-day meetings all week. Monday I had free (no meetings, that is — I still had to work a nine-hour day), and Friday I have free free. It’s my RDO. It comes on the Friday before a Monday holiday, too, so I’m looking at a four-day weekend (Kris’s dinnertime request notwithstanding).

Anyway. Last weekend was a lot of fun. I’m trying to remember back that far. I don’t really know what happened last week. I finished reading Calvin and Hobbes, I know that for a fact. And then…I dunno, I had pretty short evenings. I don’t remember if I was feeling tired, or if I was busy. Oh! I did play some WoW with Mom and Dad. Most of Tuesday night and most of Thursday, too.

Then Friday night I’d set aside to go help B– drown his sorrows in some of his expensive whiskey, but he ended up taking a nap or something, so I watched some TV with T– and then went over to D–‘s to check out some cool new video game he’d gotten.

Then Saturday I helped T– with some chores in the morning, then went over to K– and N–‘s for the afternoon while T– took AB to one of her Saturday crops. I introduced K– to my favorite new game, Overlord, and watched him play for five hours or so. It’s that sort of a game. It’s fun and funny. Apparently at some point it gets challenging, but I’m not really there yet. It’s quite unique, though, and I enjoy that.

Then at 6:00 we headed to B– and E–‘s for their long-awaited housewarming party! It was worth the wait, too. I may have mentioned before, but they have done a TON of work on their house since they got it. N– mentioned that she was jealous of it. I can’t blame her. They’ve made a really cool home.

E– decided to pick up some meat for the guys to grill (we made it a team effort, too, all four of us out on the patio giving B– instructions). So we had hamburgers and hotdogs and chicken and all manner of grilled vegetables. There were also two cheesecakes courtesy N–, and chardonnay champagne to boot. We all had a really good time, got thoroughly smashed, and discussed very private matters in a public sort of way, into the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday, somehow, I made it to church. Got three pages of “Royal Holiday” written during the sermon, then picked up D– for some lunch at Schlotzky’s. He’d left his car at B–‘s place (N– drove us all home), so he needed a ride to pick it up. We took him to lunch, then came back to the house to pack up a few baby things that we’re loaning to B– and E–, and then we went over there (and, yeah, woke B– up for our short visit). I introduced HIM to Overlord, too, and dropped off the stuff, and we chatted for a bit before he chased us out of his house so he could get back to sleep.

That evening, we met K– and N– for dinner at Casablanca American Grill, a new-ish restaurant here in town, and had some delicious dinner. I’d been meaning to take T– on a date, and she picked the place. I had my filet mignon for the year, and it was well worth it. Yumm.

Afterward, we went to their place to watch some Psych, and then finally got home 9-ish. I don’t remember if I walked or not. For most of the last week, I didn’t.

Monday, I spent most of the day honing my programming skills. Specifically, I wrote a script to cheat at a really cheesy, free, multiplayer web-based flash game that I’d encountered while at work on the previous Friday. Over the weekend, K– and I were discussing that “we” had figured out how to control HTML objects from within a Python script, and I was forced to point out that it was all him.

So I took some of his sample code on Monday, read through it and modified it until I understood what was going on, and used this cheesy little online game as a project to learn through. It’s been a blazing success, too. I’m tearing up. I’m more excited about the skills I picked up, though. Web-manipulation through Python is terribly useful. If you can’t immediately guess why, you’ll probably just have to trust me on that.

Monday night, T– didn’t feel like cooking and I didn’t feel like eating leftovers. I suggested P. F. Chang’s. She went out and picked up a cheap but amazingly good pizza from Mazzio’s for dinner. It was good. Sometime later, D– and I went for a walk together.

Tuesday, yesterday, was my first all-day meeting. It was just awful. Basically, it has nothing to do with me, so I have to just sit in the meeting all day, nine hours straight (with a thirty-minute lunch break in the middle), and listen to engineers argue about things that aren’t going to change. About a year from now I’ll be responsible for maintaining the documentation that will be generated after this meeting is over, but I can tell you for a fact that almost nothing discussed in these meetings will have any impact on the product I receive. Ugh.

So, yeah, I didn’t enjoy yesterday at work, or today, and I won’t enjoy tomorrow. But I get Friday off. So that’s good.

Yesterday I came home in a bad mood, and T– asked me why, and I told her all about my meeting and then I felt a little better. Then I played with AB for a while, and she giggled for me (finally), and then I felt a little better. Then D– came over and we finally had a leftovers night, finishing off some of the food in our fridge (which was way better than “leftovers night” makes it sound). D– had hurt his knee somehow, so he skipped out on our walk, so I went to the office to pay our bills and play Overlord instead of going by myself.

Then today, well, same as yesterday at work, but about halfway through the day I decided what I wanted to do for dinner. We often get together with K– and N– (and usually D–, too) for Wednesday night dinners, because K– and N– go to the church right next to our house, so it’s convenient. But, we have to find somewhere pretty quick and pretty close, because the earliest they can get over to this part of town is 5:45, and church is at 7:00. We’ve generally gone somewhere Mexican.

But, as I may have said more than once, I’ve been craving Changs for a week, so when I got out of meetings at 4:40 today I called everyone involved (including B– and E–, but B–‘s in Dallas for some reason, so couldn’t make it), and told them instead of going to some Mexican place, they should head to my house. Then I went and picked up a bunch of Changs and brought it back to the house for everybody. The timing was almost perfect, and the food was SO good. Then I prevailed upon all to hang out at my place and watch a movie (Blades of Glory), which turned out to be hugely fun. We laughed and had a good time.

So…yeah, today has been a really good day. Really, all week I’ve managed to have good enough evenings to make up for just awful days. Tomorrow’s looking encouraging, too, because there’s a Cowboys/Vikings preseason game, and then no work to follow. If I can just make it through the day, I’ll be in really good shape.

Anyway, sorry for the long silence. I hope everyone’s doing well. I’m off to kill a few unicorns, and then I’m heading to bed.