Journal Entry

Same story as yesterday, really. Had a sore back, went to work, wrote a couple pages on “Royal Holiday” over lunch.

When I got home, I played with AB a bit until T– made supper, and then I called my dad to see if he and Mom wanted some help in WoW. Turns out, they were both in the midst of a pretty busy evening, but he got free around 8:45, so I ran his character around Hellfire Plateau instead of going for my walk. In the process, I got his character caught up with Mom’s, so they’ll be able to play together more easily. So I consider that a good deed done.

While I was waiting for him to get available, though, I dug out an old, broken wireless keyboard, dismantled it (by which I mean, removed all the keys), cleaned it and all the keys (which were pretty filthy), and then reassembled it for AB to use as a toy. I did the numpad and some of the function keys by myself, and ended up popping a key off, hard, right into my eye. It hurt! So after that, T– kindly volunteered to help out, probably mostly to keep an eye on me. Between us we were able to get the whole keyboard finished during an episode of Jim, though, so that was fun. AB loves it, too. She just bangs on it with both hands, as hard as she can. I don’t think she quite gets human interface devices yet, but you’re never too young to start learning. That’s what I always say.

Anyway, that and then WoW, and now I’ve got to feed the cats, then I’m off to bed.