Journal Entry

Today was unlike yesterday. I made it in to work on time, spent the day working on profitable things (albeit work-related), and then went home.

I stopped by B– and E–‘s on the way home to pick up AB, because T– was working in Tulsa. I got to chat with them for a while, which is always fun (even if B–‘s still reporting sad tidings from work). After that, I met D–, K– and N– at Taco Cabana for dinner. It was fun, in a social sort of way. AB got hold of a cup of queso and spilled it all over my jeans, but whatcha gonna do? She’s just a little baby.

I did get a couple pictures uploaded to my MySpace at work. I also got several pages typed up for “Royal Holiday,” although I didn’t compose anything new. I think I’ve got it written up to the part where it gets interesting, though, so if I ever get started on it, I’ll probably go right through to the end.

After dinner, I got some fajitas to go and took them home to T–, who was happier to see her baby than the delicious fajitas I brought. Fair enough, I guess. She ate while we watched some Jim, and then I took care of some business on the computer and read some Anansi Boys while waiting for D– to show up. We went for a walk just now, and had some good talks. We’ll have to see if anything comes of it.

Maybe I’m ready to start reading again. Harry Potter hit the spot, and now I’ve picked up one that’s been on my recommended reading list for two years (and when the book is given to you as a gift, along with the recommendation, that’s some pressure right there), and I’m really enjoying that one. So we’ll see.

Back to that again. I don’t really trust myself to follow through on things. It’d be fair to say I don’t really decide what I’ll do. I’m just like a character in one of my stories. I’ve developed an interesting personality (you know, from my point of view), and then I just put myself in situations and watch to see what happens….

That’s a really admirable ability in a created character. Not so much in a human being. Alas.