Journal Entry

Woke up late this morning, and the whole day went that way. I’ve felt like I was running behind ever since I got up.

I spent most of the day at work wrestling with silly little thing. N– got us some tickets to an OU game through her work, so that should be fun. Then I met T– for lunch at Rib Crib.

When I got home, I played with AB for a while, which was a lot of fun. I also flipped through one of my old scribblebooks, and picked out a dozen old pencil drawings I did that I’d like to preserve. I’m going to try to figure out how to work our scanner, then see how much time I want to waste in Photoshop trying to make them look right. Given my proficiency with the graphic arts, that’ll probably end up being a lot of time, and they still won’t look right. Alas.

My favorite of all my drawings is, “My First Mob Hit.” If I can just get a good scan of that one, I’ll be satisfied. I have a couple others that some friends have complimented, but that’s the only one that holds dear meaning, close to my heart. Well…that, and the one with the coring knife chopping off some dude’s thumb….

Oh, and the Heroes of Might and Magic-style beholder preaching at Levy Church of Christ. That one makes me giggle.

Anyway, had some dinner, ran to Blockbuster (Wild Hogs and Chris Rock’s I Think I Love My Wife, which I’ve heard is really good), and then spent some time watching According to Jim. I’m probably going to go read, now, and skip my walk. So what! I can skip my walk if I want to. Okay, fine, I’ll walk! ‘Night.