Journal Entry

Hmmm. I had a media-heavy weekend…..

Saturday, August 11th
As mentioned, I was up late Friday night reading Harry Potter. I woke up around 11:00 Saturday morning, only to be told we had to be at T–‘s brother’s place for lunch at noon. So I got cleaned up, and read another chapter of the book.

We went over to Matt’s place, and had brats and hotdogs. The kitten we gave them a couple months ago was running around, and he’s become a pretty fun little animal. The kids are all doing good, got to see Matt and Chris, had a good lunch and spent a lot of time talking. Then we checked out the old Jeep Matt is rebuilding, which is a pretty cool project. After that, John and I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum.

I wasn’t really excited about that movie when I heard it was coming out (mostly because Supremacy was something of a snoozer), but for the last week or so I’ve been hearing a lot of people say how excited they were to see it, and getting really good reviews from people who had, so when John asked if I was interested, I said sure.

After leaving Matt’s, we had a little time before the movie so we stopped by a model car shop (John collects some of them), and while I followed him around the shop I saw an old Camaro, and for the first time in my life I got it. I was all, “Oh, Camaros used to be cool.” I’d never seen one before that that came close.

Anyway, the movie was awesome. Fantastic action flick. I recommend it highly, for anyone and everyone. Make sure to watch The Bourne Identity first. Supremacy is optional. If you’ve seen the first movie, you can pretty much assume everything that happens in the second movie, and save yourself two hours.

After the movie, we went back home and John made steaks. He just got his first gas grill (to my knowledge) when they bought the new house, and this is the second time he’s made us steaks on it. He keeps asking for my advice, but he already does a better job getting everything to the desired done-ness than I’ve ever managed, so good for him. The steaks, by the way, were excellent.

Then we went downstairs to watch some TV, and I was making an effort to be friendly and social, but the book was just lying right there. In easy reach. Looking at me.

So, y’know, during a commercial break or whatever I picked it up, and just sort of started flipping through the pages, and next thing you know, it’s one in the morning and I’m turning the last page.

So, basically, that’s my Saturday.

Sunday, August 12th
Sunday morning we had plans to go to Westlink for church — that’s the one in west Wichita where T– and I met (and D– and I for that matter, and Julie, Julie, and…well, half of the people reading this blog). It’s where I attended for the six years I lived in Kansas.

Anyway, of all my old friends, only Vicki nee Linnell still goes there. Everybody’s parents still go there, but that’s not quite the same thing. It was weird, though. T–‘s parents came with us, and we got stopped just inside the door by a greeter who recognized the Charbs even though they hadn’t been there for over a decade (T– and I have been back to visit more often than that). But, while we were caught in the entry, classes apparently let out, and it seemed like 3 out of 4 of the people walking past recognized one or all of us and came over to say hi. It was an outpouring of welcome and hospitality. It made my skin crawl.

But, yeah, everyone was really friendly and so excited to see all of us. We showed off the baby some, had an interesting service, and then Vicki and her husband Dan came to lunch with us at Chilis. After that, we went back to the house and pretty much started packing right away, because I had plans with D– in OKC Sunday evening. (Evening, I said, not afternoon — okay?)

The drive went pretty well. I came up with a story idea Suday morning and spent a couple hours developing it, then discussed it with T– on the drive home. That’s always a good time for talking, y’know? Anyway, I’m hoping to develop the idea into a short story within the next month, and that short story can serve as sufficient summary of the basic idea to hold it for me until I get time to develop it into a novel. Should be fun.

We got home around 5:30, unpacked the car, watched some Jim and had sandwiches, and then at 7:00 I headed to the mall to meet D– and K– and N–. I tried to invite B– and E–, but phones failed us and by the time I got through, I didn’t have sufficient time left to do all the necessary wheedling and convincing. Also, it wouldn’t’ve done any good. Poor B– is getting hammered with work stuff. That’s got to stop!

Anyway. Anyway. Back to the point. We went to see Stardust, which was awesome. It’s like Big Fish, if Big Fish were a happy movie. I loved it. Highly rewatchable. Very good story. I had a great time.

Then D– and I went for a walk around the neighborhood, and I ran my new story idea by him, and we ended up going to his apartment to try out a new bottle of chianti, and finish the conversation. I ended up getting home a little after eleven, and I was too tired to make my blog post. Sorry about that.