Journal Entry

Nothing terribly exciting to report for the day. I considered some fun ideas for the story I mentioned last night, but I didn’t do any writing on it.

Actually, I’ve remarked before on a recent difficulty motivating myself to write, and that persists. I’ve been able to commit a handful more pages of the Auric-meets-Queen-Sera story to paper in my scribblebook, but I can’t even make the time to type that up. That’s more than a little frustrating.

Anyway, I spent most of today at work working on work, but I did leave to have lunch with D–, which ended up not really happening because he got caught in some errands (not that I begrudge him that). But I ended up eating a burger at Coits, and then after I was done he showed up and we talked for a few before I had to head back to work.

I spent most of the afternoon fighting nodding off at my desk. I don’t know why, but I just felt extraordinarily lethargic there. I was falling asleep at the wheel on my drive home, and then had a pounding headache by the time I got into the house. Then AB was fussing and T– needed help making dinner, and I didn’t really get to take a nap until around 7:00, and I wasted that one by taking it on the couch. I never get good rest on the couch.

So, a frustrating evening, really, and I’m sure T– could have used more help than I gave her, so probably frustrating all around. D– came by around 8:30, and we went for our walk a little early. We spent the whole time talking shop (writing stuff, I mean), and then I just got home. Going to get another DVD burning, and then I’m off to sleep.