Journal Entry

Is it only Wednesday? Ugh. I feel like it’s been weeks since last Sunday.

I haven’t been sleeping well, all week, and I’ve been feeling absent and spacey during the day. I blamed it on Benadryl on Monday, but it’s more than that. I’m just…ugh.

Anyway, Wednesday’s done. I woke up late this morning and barely made it into work at all. I’ve committed my regular day off already (a week from Friday), because I’m supposed to go down to Dallas to help K– help his mom move. I dunno, it’s a weird situation. Anyway, that’s not available, and I have nearly two days of leave available, but when we make the contract transition next week it gets cashed out, and I need the cash to pay for T–‘s birthday present, so that’s not an option.

So I went to work. It was pretty awful. I was, as I described earlier, entirely useless all day. I was there, though, and that’s what counts. Actually, I did get the last of my paperwork turned in for the contract transition and I got my new badge (the old one expires next week), so that’s all business taken care of.

I didn’t finish KJW. As I described in yesterday’s post, I basically had four pages that I had to write today, to finish the novel. I only wrote two, and inexplicably (or, well, explicably, but it’s a really long and boring explication) those last two pages are going to be a real bugger to write. I should get it done this week, but for having only 600 words missing, it’s just unreasonably tough.

Anyway, got home from work and I was way too tired to vacuum the floors as a favor to T–, so I played with the baby instead. Halfway through that process, we got a call from N– inviting us to dinner at a Mexican place next to church. We used to eat there every week on Wednesday, until it went under new management and the new people stopped selling the dish that every damn one of us would order. So we went once under the new management, didn’t like what we got, and stopped going there. That was over a year ago.

Anyway, T– was supposed to make biscuits and gravy for dinner, but we felt adventurous so we took D– with us (he’d come over for some free biscuits and gravy) and met K– and N– for supper. Afterword, T– went to church with the other two, and I was taking D– back to the house when he suggested we get a drink somewhere. There’s a bar within walking distance (or, as I like to put it, “stumbling distance”) of my house, but I’d never been there. It’s a sports bar called “The Dugout,” and since I despise baseball, I always assumed I’d hate the bar. We stopped in, though, because I didn’t feel like driving three miles to Henry Hudsons.

We sat down at the first booth we saw, and then realized there was a framed, autographed Roy Williams jersey hanging above our booth. Not bad at all. Also, they had a whole ad full of Red Bull drink specials. It was a really cool place, and we’re definitely going to have to try out the Sunday night specials with K– some time.

So, yeah, we burned an hour that way, and I was kinda flying by the time T– got home from church. We watched an episode of Dead Zone and then it was time for my walk. She was kind enough to offer me the use of her iPod, and I took her up on it. I’ve got to say, it made a huge difference. I can’t believe how fast that walk seemed to go. It actually was faster, too, because I was listening to fast-paced music and walking in time with it. So, very cool.

Anyway, I’m going to go to bed now, and with any luck I’ll fall asleep right away. I certainly need it.