Journal Entry

Still a little drunk, even after two hours and a three-mile walk.

I had a pretty good day. Work was a little rough this morning. I did not sleep any better, and I was late getting in again, and then I had an angry email from an engineer to whom two hundred pages worth of technical manual was owed. That is, I owed him a completed section on Controls and Indicators, and I didn’t have it finished. He’s also in Wisconsin until the eighth of August, so I didn’t think he really needed it that soon, but I guess he’s got good internet access and a lot of free time. So there ya go.

So I banged that out and emailed it to him, and that made for a stressful morning, considering I had that same fatigue thing going on. Then in the afternoon I finished up a bunch of little things I’d been putting off (after the morning’s wake-up call on things put off). Among them (and the only one not work related), I did finish those last two pages. Actually, I also did some heavy duty rearranging of the pages that went after those two, and that was something I knew had to be done, so there was a little more work left than I’d been implying. But, yeah, I finished that, so that’s two novels written in July ’07. Not too shabby.

I was late leaving work because of that, but traffic wasn’t too bad. D– had offered to buy us a pizza for dinner, so I was pretty excited about that. When I got home from work, I made a quick run to Blockbuster to drop off some movies — which reminds me, I meant to make a note to myself to spend my next three free rentals on Freedom Writers (y’know what, shut up!), The Number 23, and Perfume: The Story of a Murder. 23 was all rented out, and I’d picked up the other two but I found something better while I was there. I’d still like to get all those, though.

Also, 300 is out on Tuesday. I’m just saying, is all.

Anyway, I got back from Blockbuster and D– was there with the pizza. We also had a box of wine that he bought us ages ago for the Gordons’ housewarming party. By way of greeting card, he’d scribbled “Congrats Bitches!” on the box, right above the spigot (or “bunghole,” if you want to use the proper term). Well, T–‘s parents are coming in this weekend for her birthday and, while we don’t hide our alcohol consumption from our parents, she wasn’t too happy about the horrific profanity greeting them whenever they opened the fridge. So she asked us to get rid of it.

Umm….it has to be three or four weeks old by now. It was still nearly as good as the day we opened it, though. I’ve got to admit — boxed wine has its advantages. So I had three big glasses, T– had one, and D– had two or three. I was definitely buzzing while we watched a couple episodes of Dead Zone.

Then D– and I went for a walk, and spent the whole time talking about our writing project. We’ve got some really amazing material to work with. I’m more and more impressed every time we discuss it.

But, yeah, we went for our walk, then he went home, and I’m going to go to bed. ‘Night.