Journal Entry: July 2, 2007

Biggest news of the day: I finished Josh’s story. I won’t post the last three pages until tomorrow morning, because that’s what my schedule says to do, but it’s done.

The book isn’t quite finished there. I’ve got an epilogue — a single scene that ties up the book, and reframes the whole story you just finished reading (if it works, anyway). I plan to post that on July 4th. So, the real end is very much in sight. Josh’s tied up the way I wanted it to, too, but I’m not sure if it reads the way I want it to. I’ll require extensive reader feedback to figure that out.

When I got home from work today, I learned AB still isn’t gaining weight as fast as the doctors want her to. That’s pretty frustrating, mainly because the solutions involve making T–‘s life a lot less convenient. And there’s already a person in this family filling that role. There’s no room for AB to help out with that!

I also discovered that my computer was off (we had a power flicker during the day), and when I tried to reboot it, it did something really wonky. I got that fixed, though, by swapping the jumpers on the hard drive and DVD drive. They’d been giving the BIOS problems anyway, and K– suggested making that switch a month ago. It solved the problem.

Then I did some more yard work, because we’re hoping to have people over for a cookout on the 4th. The bugs have been terrible, so I did another (different) treatment, to hopefully get that under control before Wednesday.

After that, the evening was already well on its way to 7:00. We watched a little TV, had some pizza, and I played Civ. Then I went for a walk, and thought through the dialogue for the closing scene of Sleeping Kings (and a little of the rewrite of the intro). That went pretty well. I’m looking forward to writing it.

For now, though, I’ve got to get to bed.